just breathe...

That's what I have to keep telling myself.  I work better under pressure, although I'm sure it's not the healthiest thing to do.  With a list a mile long and the days not to many sometimes I wish that I had extra hours in the day, a couple more arms attached to my body and the requirement of rest & nutrition to just be nixed all together.

Snap! & The Queen Bee Market are a little over a week a way and I'm driving so I will be leaving here on Wednesday for Utah with my booth, inventory, clothing & myself all packed up.  I've been busy as ever with orders from Fawn and Flora, plus I re-opened Just.Lovely.Things -- I'm loving the new storefront design Dana did for me, what do you think?  My beautiful friend Cameron modeled a few new inventory pieces for me and I quickly shot these in my backyard.. yay for knowing how to work a camera, huh?

Recently I stopped consuming sugar, most fats and all grains.  I have never felt so good.. however I thought one innocent cheat session wouldn't do much harm.. WRONG.  It ruined my world yesterday and I was couch ridden, so I took advantage of some downtime and played around and simplified a bit of stuff over here on the blog... the header, about me section and social media buttons all got a mini-makeover.  I like how simple & bold it is.. and it doesn't interfere with the shop at all.  I guess I can't be mad for feeling sick because I was able to get something that I wanted to do crossed off my list!

So between running the blog, both shops, making as much inventory as possible for the market, trying to still be a good wife-daughter-friend.. well you can see I stay busy.  Oh did I mention we just moved too??  Don't worry guys I don't look like a chicken with its head cut off.. I still get a good nights rest, I have coffee & email time every morning, we go on walks and enjoy our little neighborhood, movie & dinner nights are a must.. and if I'm feeling stressed then I just play Call of Duty with my husband and kill people =)

The thing is, I'm happy.  I love this!  I am so lucky to get to do these things everyday, to meet new people, make some friends, pursue my passions and seriously live my dreams.  To some it might be much, but I don't know anything different.  All the businesses I have owned I go at them full force and give it my all.  I do however know when to tell myself to stop and when I'm ready for a break I take it for all it's worth.  Snap will be the beginning of ME time.  The road trip back & forth will be heavenly, meeting some new friends & having a wine night with the girls (you know who you are!).. Mingling at the market & being a moderator at the Happy Chaos discussion panel will be so fun too!  When I get back I can focus on getting the studio all done, gardening, yardsale season, hey I might even go get a pedicure.. who knows!

How do you like to wind down and manage your time, 

or do you love that go-go-go lifestyle too?


  1. If I'm not moving I feel weird, so I love to keep myself busy.

  2. I love love love the new look. i wish i knew how to do some blog design. i love a simple look like this. and its super expensive to hire anyone. great job!

  3. Oh I love to stay busy, as long as I'm doing the things I love to do :) But you're right, those breaks are so very important! Snap is going to be my fist big break in awhile, and I hope I can meet you!

  4. Good for you cutting out sugar and fat! I wish I had the self-control to do that! Are you following any specific diet, or just decided to forgo those things on your own?

    P.S. I LOVE the new blog look! So simple and chic.

    1. just phasing into cleaner eating habits =) when i cut those things out i have more energy, less headaches, no tummy issues and it helps drop lbs and clear up my skin.. i noticed what just one thing did to my body after cutting that stuff out and there is no way i could go back to it! (wine is an exception though!) ha

  5. I lol'd when you said you just play Call of Duty and kill people when you are stressed. :) I feel sick if I'm not busy. That's weird. I wish I had more energy to be even more busy! I'd like to think I'd use it for cleaning. My dream is to live in a super spic and span house. (That is so tough with two boys and a dog though.) Your blog design looks great, too!

  6. Pedicures for sure! But I like to read pretty blogs like yours and get inspired! You are awesome.

    Along Abbey Road

  7. Busy is good! It keeps your heart pumping and your blood rushing. At least, I hope busy is good because I'm nutso busy lately, too!
    And $5 flat rate to Canada? That's kind of awesome ( speaking as an overcharged Canadian buyer )!

  8. Wow friend... just reading everything you're doing has me exhausted. But you're straight up killing it. Hope you have an AWESOME time at SNAP! and seriously wish I was going. LOVES!

  9. and i thought i was busy! sounds like you've managed to get it all under control, though ;).

    have fun at snap! wish i was going!

  10. love, love, love the new design!! and...I'm a go-go-go person! :)

  11. ahhhhh LOVE that you are coming to UTAH! ;)


  12. busy is good, but I know what you mean about wanting more hours in the day just to have that down time available! Love the design of the site! :)

  13. With three small children, one on the way, a blog, house renovations underway, a job teaching fitness classes, and homeschooling, I feel like it's go-go-go no matter which way I slice it.

    Sometimes, it just feels like I'm surviving, but most of the time, I wouldn't trade a bit of it for anything (except maybe a few hours of downtime and a pedi : )).

    Sounds like you are one busy chica!

    Hope you're loving SNAP.

    I may have to check it out next year (even though I'm not exclusively a craft blogger) because it sounds like loads of fun!

    New follower from the blog hop.

    Feel free to stop by for a visit in all of your free time (ha!).

    ~Abbie (www.fivedaysfiveways.com)