The Beauty Files: share the beauty (week five)

Hi friends! So I might be two days late with this post.. but here you go (cheers from the crowd!).  If you are new here or just need to play catch up Share the Beauty is a little series I'm particpating in with Lauren and Leonora.  Each week we have a prompt (topic, category, subject??) for something beauty related and we go brag about the products we LOVE for that prompt. We open up the posts at the end for you to link up too!

This week it's all about our eye makeup favorites.  Mine is hard to narrow down because I actually love love love eye shadow and have tons ranging from drug-to-dept store brands.  I've narrowed down a couple of my  current loves along with my favorite eyeliner (its so soft & stays put!) and the BEST MASCARA OF ALL TIME! 

Maybeline Falsies (non waterproof with the original black brush!) | Big Fat Fun Stick: Black

My eyecolor is hazel and I usually gravitate towards shimmery ivory, gold or bronze and to add a little depth I will dab in bits of plum or green for day/night looks.  I also have a colorbox kit that is so much fun to play with and has tons of colors to choose from!  


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Week 6- Foundation: Concealer, Powder, Liquid Foundation etc 
We thought you guys would like to know ahead of time what prompts you can contribute to! Here is the list of future Share the Beauty Party Topics!  We will be going in this order:

Week 7- Face Beauty: Blush, Bronzer, Face Primer etc
Week 8- Lip Beauty: Lip stick, lip exfoliator, chap stick, lip gloss etc
Week 9- Make Up Brushes

Week 10- Scents: Deodorants, Perfumes, Body Splashes etc
Week 11- Body Care: Razors, Shaving Cream, Body Lotion, Sunscreen etc
Week 12- Nails: Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Clippers, Techniques etc 


  1. Can you tell me why you love that mascara so much? I have the worst time with mascaras. I finally found one that doesn't leave me with raccoon eyes at the end of the day, but the brush sucks.

    1. I tried the other brush it comes with and I hated it, but had heard from a couple friends to use the original brush and I'm in love! It makes my lashes feel so much longer and not clumpy.. i've never had an issue with raccoon eyes and with the non-water proof kind it easily comes off when washing my face! If you try a product and don't like it most drug stores or bigger stores will let you return it! =)

  2. ps. Love those eyeshadows! I really need to start branching out. :)

  3. Oooo I love falsies! I find that I need to use non waterproof or else it is a bear to remove!

  4. how fun! i love the eyeshadows.

    this is my first time linking up, too!

  5. Fun!! I think I love makeup too much....haha, as if that's possible! ;)