what's in your makeup bag? {gussysews}

Maggie and I have been chatting lately about how we need to collaborate more often, so I was excited when she said she would love to contribute to The Beauty Files.  She came up with a cute post that now after seeing it I sort of want to start asking other bloggers -whats in your makeup bag ?- like a spin on the what's in my purse posts I see occasionally.. wouldn't that be fun? 

hi everyone! i thought it would be super fun to share WHAT'S IN MY MAKE-UP BAG!
since i'm always interested in finding out about + trying new make-up.  i've been wearing make-up for for almost 15 years, so crazy! i started with a jet black mascara and slowly started wearing eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, blush + lip gloss.

for me, a "natural" look is my favorite. if zack and i go on a fun date i'll apply another coat of mascara, add another swipe of blush and maybe some lipstick, but that's about it! i haven't braved RED lipstick yet although it sounds like it would be fun!!!

maybe that'll be next on my list ;D

before i share what's inside my bag i thought it would be helpful to share more about my skin type, since i know that plays a huge role in selecting make-up. my skin is a little bit oily and definitely problematic! if i'm wearing foundation it absolutely has to be high-end. basically, anything that can be bought at Target or a drug store is a no-no. within hours these low-end products irritate my skin causing me to breakout. 

however, the rest of what i wear is inexpensive, thank goodness!

as for my cleansing routine, every morning + night i wash my face. i love this foam wash for the morning and these wipes for the evening. i use astringent 2x/day and follow-up with 
a light moisturizer 2x/day. something else i've learned that has played a huge role in my make-up + cleansing routine is this: anything with SPF in it causes me to breakout as well. it's so weird, but instead of focusing on this i just move forward with what i've learned and make sure to not spend too much time out in the sun. i also love these oil blotting sheets and use 1-2 daily {is that TMI?}.

OK, so now that i've shared about my skin type + my morning routine 
let's get to the fun part, the MAKE-UP i wear!

i wear make-up just about every single day and am faithful at washing it off at night. i'm a dork, but i can't sleep if i know i have foundation or mascara on, hah! here's what i wear on most days, in order of application...

* MAKEUP FOREVER HIGH DEFINITION PRIMER {NEUTRAL} -- i just started using primer, and i know it sounds a little bit silly BUT it totally works and has helped my foundation stay put for a few extra hours. it feels a little cool upon application and it's a little bit relaxing to "paint" it on with my make-up brush.

* SONIA KASHUK RETRACTABLE MAKE-UP BRUSH -- one end is for my foundation, the other is for my blush! and i love that there are caps for both brush types so they stay clean a bit longer.

* LAURA MERCIER SILK CREME FOUNDATION {CREAM IVORY} -- this is my new favorite foundation! it has lovely coverage, ranging in light to heavy depending on how many applications you apply. it covers redness, blemishes, and gives me a nice base for applying bush :)

* NARS BLUSH {MADLY} -- did you know when you color your hair you should also change your make-up?! this was news to me! in february i went into sephora looking for a few new items and told the cosmetologist i felt like my make-up made me look washed out. i was with a friend who reminded me i had recently colored my hair {from blonde to reddish/brown}. the cosmetologist found me a new blush and YEOW! my life has been changed forever! ;) this specific color {Madly by Nars} is fantastic!!!

* COVER GIRL EYESHADOW {CHAMPAGNE} -- such a pretty, light, shimmery color ~ it's been a favorite for many years :)

* EYE SHADOW BRUSH -- the brush i use is similar to this. it's simple + provides a quick application.

* MAYBELLINE DEFINE-A-LINE EYELINER {BROWNISH BLACK} -- again, an all time favorite for many years. BONUS: if you need to wipe it off and start over {because seriously, sometimes i need to do that!} it comes off clean! no need for make-up remover.

* MAYBELLINE THE COLOSSAL VOLUM' EXPRESS MASCARA {GLAM BLACK} -- i've been wearing mascara for years... since i was like 12! so that's about 15 years now ;D my theory is to match your mascara wand with what your lash type is. so for me, i love a fat, dense mascara wand. i've tried using something thinner but my eyelashes get all clumpy and weird. i have naturally long, thick, curled lashes - DON'T HATE ME! - so two coats of mascara is all i need.

* NAIL POLISH -- my favorites are Essie, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear + Sally Hansen Diamond Strength (top coat)

so that's it! thanks for peaking inside my make-up bag :]

what is YOUR favorite make-up item? do tell!


  1. My new favorite make up is mineral foundation. I never tried it before because I thought it wouldn't be enough coverage but I was shocked when I tried Philosophy's Super Natural Airbrushed Canvas and it covers much more than I thought without looking cakey. I want to try Bare Minerals too. Sounds like Laura Mercier Cover up works great too!

    1. YES -- Laura Mercier provides amazing coverage. Or, it can be light coverage, it depends on many applications you apply :)

  2. Love this! I would love to do a what's in my makeup bag post. I am slightly obsessed with makeup... call it a hobby. I love these beauty posts you do. I'm a cosmetologist and love all things beauty.

  3. Love....super cute. I am following from the Vintage Wanna Bee hop! :)

    Dear Life From a Mom of Boys

  4. I have problematic skin too but the only face makeup that seems to work for me is Neutrogena's Skin Clearing Mineral Powder. I love it and won't use anything thing else on my skin now! I used to break out...ALOT (I also used to use MAC Studio Fix which is the WORST for your skin...it's NOT for everyday use). Now, my skin is much much better :)
    I also LOVE Colossal Volum Express for my lashes :) I have been using that mascara for years now and refuse to buy any other kind. They really elongate my lashes and make them really really full!
    Kayla from Love Sparkle Pretty

  5. I love seeing what products other people wear. I am a Sephora junkie. (Even though I seem to stick to the same look day after day I end up buying tons of make up and product.) I use mineral make up in the winter and Sonia Kashuk concealer & tinted foundation in the summer. I used to saw EWE to drug store foundation of any kind but it seriously rocks my socks! I use Nars blush, too. I am sort of a blush whore. I use way too much. I need an intervention! I have that same Revlon polish, too. (Minted?) Their colors look so good in the bottle but I am disappointed every time by the quality. Why don't I just avert my eyes from Revlon and save my heart the trouble? I am a glutton for punishment. :)

    1. what i'm finding is that most sheer polish colors disappoint me the most. they rarely apply evenly and so i end up using more of it for second & third coats, and then it starts chipping! i think OPI has a few nice, neutral colors (like a sheer pink) and that applied nicely with just 1 coat. maybe try OPI? :)

  6. it's totally random, but my skin breaks out when I use SPF, too! My skin is clear now, but it was so problematic for me in the past that I'm afraid to use ANY makeup, so I never do. The most I'll wear is ecoBella mascara on super fancy occasions. Otherwise, nada. Maybe it's time I brave the makeup world. haha