The Beauty Files: share the beauty (week one)

I love discovering, using and obsessing over new beauty products.  It can be hard to try everything myself so when I heard that Leonora & Lauren were throwing a little beauty party I invited myself over.

NO JOKE. I for reals said "hey I'm doing this with you mmmkay?"
Thankfully my creeper-ness didn't turn them off and they said I could play!

So what is this Beauty Party all about??   Well we are each sharing our favorite beauty products with you, so make sure to check out their posts too!  The fun part is that you can link up and share your products too and get some new readers your way while sharing what you love!
 Let the blog stalking commence right about now..

This week we are sharing our 3 Favorite Hair Tools with you and you get to do the same, so get those posts ready and link them up here and then see next weeks prompt to move on to a new beauty category.

Although I try to only heat style my hair a couple of times a week (which has seriously made my hair healthier) I love love love the look of shiney smooth hair.. How in the world I ever got dates in college before I invested in a good flat iron is beyond me! In high school I used a clothing iron on a towel, surprisingly I have no burn scars (whew!).  I have tried tons of flat irons, being a hairstylist and having that rad pro discount was pretty useful.  I've tried everything from hot tools, chi, pm.. you name it.  But the love of my life, tying a close second to my husband is my GHD.  If I could make love to this flat iron I would, of course it would have to be off because that could be mighty dangerous!!! <-- try not to picture this ok =)

I have 3 of them (plus a pm) I kinda hoard nice flat irons! Retailing around $240 (thank goodness for my 50% discount! If you want one let me know I will go to the beauty supply for you no joke!) they are worth every pretty penny! I feel like cinderella getting dressed up for the ball and having little mice and birds sing to me every time I use this beauty!  On really gloomy days the clouds part, the sun shines and a giant Hallelujah is heard in the back ground.. its that good!

Is a blow dryer just a blow dryer? It can be, but in the long run you want something good for your hair! I always opted for something powerful & quiet for my clients, so why not the same for me?  My favorite blow dryer I've ever owned is the Bio Ionic Whisper Light Pro retailing around $100.  Sometimes understanding things like nano technology, negative ions and infrared engery seem a little extreme when talking about blow drying your freaking hair, but believe me when I say you will see a difference when you use quality tools versus not using them.  I truly believe investing in a good product is not only important for your hair, but they are things that hold up, which means you don't have to buy multiple cheaper items when you can have a nicer quality one all the time!

Now I don't own a curling iron personally (I have them from when I did clients hair, but dont use them) instead I only need the flat iron for smoothing or curling.  The flat iron and blow dryer are the basic tools most of us need, but for something fun I LOVE an S-waver.  Please do not confuse an S-waver with a triple barrel, although identical in design the styles they create can be very different!

A triple barrel waver can create a great look, when done properly.. which sometimes isn't very often! An S-waver is easier to use, a no fuss way to have killer hair in no time.  On shorter hair you can have defined waves that bounce and on longer hair you get a messier, beachy look.  Both of which don't look stiff or full of product.  I've seen s-wavers for under $20 at some drug stores, so grab one and start practicing!

(images via hairstyle magazine)

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If you missed this weeks linky then no worries!
Next week we are talking about "HAIR HEALTH" in other words,
what hair products do you use to care for or improve your hair?

Some examples are: Favorite shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, deep conditioners, hair masks etc.
 Pssst don't get next weeks prompt confused with "hair beauty" where we will eventually talk about hair sprays, hair moose, pomades and things like that at another time :) thanks girls!


  1. I am SO lazy when it comes to hair! I'll spend tons of time on my makeup or nails, but none on my hair. Please teach me some fun hair tricks for lazy girls at Snap, mmkay? xo!

  2. OMG I want to get my hands on one of those GHD flat irons SOOOOO bad! I've been oogling over one on Amazon for quite some time now! I always love hearing opinions of others who have worked with hair for a while on what their favorite styling tools & products are!

  3. I am rubbish at styling my hair! I used to have flat irons, but could never seem to get the hang of using them, especially at the back. It probably doesn't help that I used cheap brands that snagged my hair. I have very fine hair so it gets damaged easily. I would love to have soft curls like the middle pic above, but my hair is too fine and too straight (with the odd frizzy attack) and everything drops out! Maybe investing in a decent hair dryer will help!

  4. i just linked up mine :) it was a previous post, but whatevs haha.

    and i am confused about the difference between a triple barrel and an S waver? i use a triple barrel a lot when i'm in a rush for some waves and my hair looks nice and beachy wavey like your t-swizzle pic, not as crimpy as the first one. is an S-waver just like a bigger wave or something?

    1. Yeah it's just the size! Like I said when done properly it can look great, but I have seen some horrible triple barrel disasters out there ;p The s-waver is just larger and more forgiving of mistakes!

  5. this is a great link up! I can't wait until you get on the topic of mascara! :)