The Beauty Files: from drab to fab


Hi I'm Aarean, the author of The Color Issue, where I share my love and passion for one thing we can ALL relate to...COLOR! I am so glad to be apart of the beauty month here on Just Lovely Things--by no means am I any type of pro when it comes to beauty or fashion tips, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve! :-)

The frumpy remedy my friends, for me, is this...add COLOR!

1. Change those flats or tennies to a fun wedge or heel (this will make you feel and look more feminine in seconds)

2. Add a colorful scarf (they make any outfit look put together)

3. Lastly slap on some lipstick (like my mom always said "lips don't like to feel naked" haha)

I'm tellin' ya...I promise, these three things will do wonders! It not only will make you stand a bit taller, but it will add some color and vibrance to your no-longer-frumpy look! And let's be honest, everyone needs a little color in their lives!

**on a sidenote if you're feeling really ambitious try painting your nails, that always seems to get me out of my drabby rut--I have done a few really fun nail tutorials you might want to check out HERE, HERE and HERE!


  1. great tips! I LOVE color! : )

  2. I love the stripes int hat scarf. So pretty. xo, rv

  3. Love this! Thanks for these!!!!


  4. Super simple and incredibly awesome!

  5. LOVE your tips. Completely realistic and fun! Slap on some lipstick has got to be my favorite line of the day.