The Cook Book: Fortune Cookies

Thanks for joining me for another edition of The Cook Book, where sharing yummy recipes is a must.  
If I'm not sharing something with you then one of my blog friends most likely is and today my real life buddy & fellow blogger Alex from Alexandra Rose is over here to show you how to make plain fortune cookies even better!

Hi I'm Alex from Alexandra Rose {blog & shop}
Today I'm sharing a little fortune cookie dress-up recipe with you!

In our family, it's tradition to have Chinese food for dinner on Christmas Eve.
I'm talking orange chicken, fried rice, pot stickers {my personal favorite} and egg rolls.
This year, I thought we needed to step up our after-dinner-treat,
and I came up with these sweet little guys!

I'm so excited to share this super simple {I mean, really simple}
which, in my opinion, makes for the best type of project!
I love fortune cookies and the idea of spreading good fortune and blessings to your friends and family!
Here's how I did it!

Gather supplies.
Chocolate candy melts, fortune cookies and sprinkles.

Follow the instructions on the candy melts and heat until completely melted.
Hold the pointed ends of a fortune cookie and dip into the chocolate until it's about half way up the cookie.
Remove from the chocolate and set onto a piece of wax paper.

Finish dipping, then add on sprinkles!

Allow to dry and then package them up!

I put mine in a mason jar and attached a cute note!
It would also be adorable to get some take-out containers for an authentic look.
It would be fun to do these for New Years, birthdays, weddings, baby showers...really, the list is endless!
Easy to make, easy to clean up, fun to give.
My favorite!

Don't forget to check out the Alexandra Rose Blog where she shares other great
recipes, tutorials, giveaways and bits about her life!


  1. They look delicious, and how cute is your little red head man?! Awwww!

    Happy Holidays!

    Tamara Nicole

  2. Very nice Alex and I love your packaging!

  3. What a cute idea! These would be cute gifts for neighbors too. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Wow!!
    Now I want one of this!!
    Are you delivering to argentina? :D lol

    Have a nice new year!


  5. Holiday fortune cookies! Why didn't I think of that :P Thanks for the idea - definitely saving that one for next year :) Adoring your blog, happy holidays.


  6. oh these are so creative- what a great idea!