sponsor updates

Today as I was putting up new sponsorship buttons
(sponsors that I can't wait to share with you!)
I noticed how full and cramped up my sponsor bar was getting.

I keep a list of all paid sponsorships, their start/end dates, 
contact info and more.. and I noticed a few weren't in there.
Then I realized that I traded a few ads here and there...
well here and there started to ad up.

So I went to some of those peoples blogs that I had traded with 
only to discover that my button was no where to be found (on multiple blogs)
while I have been advertising for them for months!

Not only for that reason have I decided to stop all trading of blog buttons, 
but for a few other reasons I want to share with you.

I'm all about supporting others businesses (really I am!), but I need to support
the ones that paid for a spot since their payments are what put my spots on 
bigger blogs hence full circle advertising.
I also can't allow my sidebar to be full of trade spots and not give attention
to the ones that did pay for their spots.

I hate enforcing blogging rules or anything,
 I really do love trading because it is extremely convenient for both parties.  
I just need to be realistic on what I myself can keep up with.

I'm going to be changing my sponsorship section a little today, 
I won't be selling spots in my shop anymore instead all buttons and links will need
to be approved by me first so that I can see that it's a good fit for my readers.
(you guys!)

So to my current sponsors I hope that you all respect this, 
to ones I have traded with  thank you so much for the opportunity 
and to the readers I hope this place is somewhere that you like to visit.
A place that isn't full of ads trying to make me money by making you click on them,
 but instead proof that I can introduce you to some fab new shops & blogs 
that you may not have known about..
all while supporting indie businesses like myself!


  1. I think it's great, honestly. When blogs have nearly 30 sponsor buttons, I don't even bother glancing at them. It's a shame, but I don't have the time to go through all of it one by one, and it isn't appealing to the eye overall.

    I just revamped mine yesterday, offering it for free, but I'm super selective on who I choose and I have certain conditions.

  2. Hey Heather, I have seen on a few other blogs that they only allow a certain number of Sponsors each month. I have been researching a lot on blog sponsors lately and this seems to be the one I like the best. Like this one Blog only allows 1 XL Sponsor each Month 2 Large ones, 4 Medium, and 8 smalls. I think is awesome for a few reasons. 1. You don't have to scroll a mile down the page to see all the sponsors. 2. More time dedicated to the ones you do have. And a little competition to get a spot on the blog. What do you think?

  3. kyndale thats what i did at first then making a list got complicated, i would love to go back to it now i just have to figure out how considering some of my sponsors are paid thru the year and i cant just switch it up on them!

  4. Oh gotcha! yeah making a list would be a pain, You would have people 6 months out waiting for the XL spot. lol

    Well is you ever have an opening, You know where to find me! hehe OOO or I would be totally happy to participate in a giveaway!!! lol

    Do you have a button? I would love to add it to my blog! This whole blogging and crafting thing is addicting! lol

  5. Completely reasonable! For what it's worth, I've found putting a cap on the number of sponsors you take seems to be an easy way to keep the side bar from looking too cluttered?

  6. This is such a great post. I'm a new blogger/shop owner and I'm all about paying/swapping to sponsor. I have a limited amount of funds and I really want my blog, as well as others to do well. I was more than happy to sponsor your blog because you seem to REALLY want to help others! I sponsored a VERY popular blog...the smallest spot they had because that's all I could afford and I had to scroll SOOOO far down to even find it because they have a MILLION sponsors I also sent a few items from my shop and never got one hit on my page...sad. It takes a lot for me to pay for sponsorships being a single momma and all...so to not really feel appreciated is a pretty sucky feeling!

  7. I think it is good to set rules because it makes your business more appealing and your blog more professional. I agree, it is so hard with swapping buttons. Easier to just keep things simple and have them pay for it. :)

  8. You go girl!! I think what you are doing is great. One of these days I'd love to sponsor with you however I feel like no one will want to check my headbands out since yours are great! Hehe

  9. I know how you feel! So not cool to say you're swapping ads and then take it down without telling the person. That's why I stopped ad swaps, too. I think you're making the right choice. ;)

  10. I honestly don't understand how people can be that selfish. I do ad swapping and it has honestly helped my blog a lot, but if I ever decided to take someone else's button down, for whatever reason, I would be sure to let them know, especially since they gave me a chance.

    You are doing the right thing!

  11. I dont see my button up anymore, did mine end already? I thought I wrote it down somewhere how I long I paid for.. and now I cant remember. But I checked my email and didnt get one from you about it ending... so I was just curious! :)

    BTW I think its a fab idea to do whats right for you and your blog... this too happened to me recently! I was doing a trade with a couple bloggers.. I checked them out and my button was gone! :( So I took theirs down. But what I do is state a specific time frame for trades.. I do six months. And make sure we both agree on that. Then after the 6 months is up, I contact them and see if they would like to do a pay for ad.. or we could do another trade in the future.

  12. Good for you. BUT, I'm still keeping your button on my sidebar. I sincerely adore your shop and love when I get emails thanking me for pointing them in your direction. Plus, your button makes my sidebar pretty. :)


  13. Totally understand :) I still have your button up! Im sorry to hear that happened to you! xoxo