my week {in photos}

Join me every Friday and see what I've been up to!

I live really close to the Salon that I sold earlier this year and still work there a 
couple times of month to do hair for friends and family so I walked down there
for a few appointments on friday morning

I met up with a couple awesome families that I have been photographing for a few years now, 
and did some fall  mini-photo-shoots!
They each have new additions to their cuteness empires'..
Harlow Cox on the left and Harper McIntosh on the right

Later that evening the husband and I decided to go to a cute park that is on the river
and about a mile from our house.
The fall colors were too pretty not to capture!

We woke up and walked a few blocks to a local coffee shop for breakfast 
and usually the town is shut down on Sunday's, but we were surprised to find a few shops open!
I found my way to the bath & body stuff and of course Mr Smith found his way to his
third pair of five finger vibram shoes.....

of course he had to try them out for our evening walk!


and some new inventory for the shop!

A very much needed manicure date with my mom at a local nail shop,
I'm obsessed with nail polish... its really no secret.
Then she took me out to breakfast and we did a quick trip to the fabric shop for supplies.


I woke up and realized we had no creamer for coffee.... umm what!?
So I grabbed Arthur and high tailed it to a coffee stand right down the street, 
I figured they would make it yummy & I could get a walk in at the same time.
No Regrets! The Sunrise was insane, and the empty streets that early were peaceful!

Arthur totally needs a winter sweater, he was trembeling! 
Oh and that sweet (kinda creepy) van??? My neighbors have a band and that's what they tour in!

I started some stupid new meds (for fertility reasons) on Wednesday night and they make me
feel so sleepy and yucky.. so it was an insanely chill day of processing orders.
I left the house once (with Arthur in tow) to run a quick errand, but I quickly made it home
and convinced Mr Smith that it should be a pj & tv kind of evening.
He agreed.

Join me next Friday to see what I do next!


  1. I love your new week in photos!! I wish I had the time to do this! I feel a little jealous that I don't have time for coffee walks, fabric shopping etc these days! With 3 kids and my business I feel like I don't have time to breathe! But it is a blessing not a curse, but I do feel like I need to make time to slow down and enjoy life!

  2. Jessica, seriously I just make a HUGE effort to keep my cellphone in my hand wherever I go so that I can just capture small bits of everything I do. I don't have babies so maybe that's why it is so easy for me lol

  3. You are right Love the new blog is sooo pretty! :)

  4. It looks like you've been BUSY! Such pretty photos! :)

  5. Omg looove the new blog! Your photos make GP look more interesting hahaha ;)

  6. i love that you live in walking distance to everything! that would be so perfect.

  7. Gorgeous post, I really enjoy your photography. :) Lovely images!

    Have a happy Halloween,
    xx indie by heart

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! I love those captured wow, you have such an eye for photography. {Haha! Like you didn't know that already} It just amazes me ;)

  9. I love the fall colors! And local coffee shops are the best :)

  10. Love the new design. Sounds like a mostly wonderful week. :)

  11. Love the new blog design - Dana did an amazing job! You should do a linky thing here...I would link link up my week in photos {which are pretty much just pics of my pups :)}

  12. Heather, well you should keep making the effort!! I love this series!!! Your photos are always gorgeous! xoxo

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  14. love, love, LOVE this post! pictures are so beautiful.

  15. wow, this looks like an amazing week! Love the family pictures, so sweet & beautiful fall leaves!