HIMH RoadTrip Edition (Niagara Falls!)

Hang in my Hood
A bi-weekly series, introducing you to new adventures around someone elses' neighborhood!
{jello's kitchen}

Hi Everyone!
I'm Jello and come all the way from Jello's Kitchen.
I'm in Mississauga, Ontaria, Canada!

wanna see my hood?
well...i cheated.
it's not really my hood, but it's close enough.
my favorite place to hang out. right around the corner.
so i guess that makes that corner the coolest.
my friends, today we're going to....
{drum roll}

Niagara Falls!
you've most certainly hear of it.
but have you ever been?
do you know the best places to go?
the prettiest things to see?
the scariest houses to visit?
{ok. i'm a wimp
so there won't be any picture of hunted houses on this post
but i can hook you up with my husband...
i'm sure he knows a place or two}
don't get me wrong, i probably don't,
but let me share with you what a typical day to Niagara looks like for us.
maybe it will inspire you to one day come and visit us.
the drive from my home's always the best.

we follow the lake all the way there.
however i was too dumb to take pictures.
i'm sorry
{it's a canadian thing...}
but here's what we do when we finally get there
we check out
the Bird Kingdom {actually they also have the best and cheapest parking...}
we walk the strip! our mini Canadian Las Vegas... tons of fun!
we usually stop at our favorite patio
the Secret Garden
 for a cold one.
that's my husband Pudding
than after soaking up the sun into our skin
{and breaking the seal on our bladers}
we find a cozy tree
to take a nap under
just so that we can escape the afternoon rush
then we usually hit the Candy Planet
and we finish the day
by getting to
we adore their french onion soup! and the falls are right in front of our eyes.
we like to ride the Big Wheel
catch the fireworks.
after a day like that we're usually dead tired, but
it's such a great place to hang out don't you agree?

Hope to see you around!
love, Jello

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  1. I love niagara falls :) I use to go there a lot on day trips when I lived a little closer (I'm on the other end in wasaga now)! I'm so happy to see another local canadian!! yippeee!
    xo dana

  2. Niagara Falls is only 20 mins. from my former hometown of Buffalo. Everytime I see pics of N.F. from the American and Canadian side, I get a bit homesick. The Aquarium, the Rainbow Bridge, Toussaud's Wax Museum. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.'


  3. I lived in Niagara Falls, ON for 4 years while I was working at the Oh Canada Eh Dinner Theate! I just moved in June! It was such a cool place to live!

  4. This is so great and beautiful! I would love to go there. Someday, it's on my bucket list!

  5. I (currently) live only 3 1/2 hours south of the falls. When we lived in Buffalo, we went alot more often but we've gone a few times since then too. Its a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I went to Niagara Falls when i was around 15 years old. Currently I'm trying to convince my husband to take me on an across Canada road trip and one of our stops would be there. I can't tell him how impressive it is! Seriously such a cool place

  7. Ooooooh, the falls! It makes me miss home (Buffalo) and heading over the border for the day at Clifton Hill. So much fun!

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