Lovely DIY Designs (wk 8)

As you can tell we are on a new schedule! 
This weekly series will now be bi-weekly for the rest of the year with Gina and I.
We both have a busy holiday schedule that includes The Queen Bee Market!
(eeep we are both going to be there!!!)

If you are new to this series you can catch up on the goodness here.

This weeks pinspiration (aka pinterest inspiration) version

Supplies Needed:
paper ( i would use something thin or fabric!)
mod podge & brush
light swtich cover.. I jacked mine right off the wall!

Lay your cover down on the back side of the paper, and trace.
As you can tell I'm amazing at tracing things, no joke.

Cut out the shape with about an 1/8 of an inch extra around the edge (for molding)

Add a light coat of Mod Podge to the top of the cover

Flip your paper over and stick it to the cover (i also cut out the hole in the middle)
then go over it liberally with another coat of the podge.
Take your fingers, hey I didnt say this was a clean project, and mold the edges of your paper
to the switch cover so its all flat and dries to the desired shape.

Let dry for a bit, I'm impatient so I try to find things to occupy my time, like pinterest.

Now put that beauty back where you got it!

Easy and adorbs, what more could a girl ask for??

Don't forget to check in with Acute Designs on October 12th for another project!


  1. Yours turned out so cute! I love the print you chose, looks so shabby chic! :)

    I did a tutorial similar to this last year, only I used fabric! A lot easier to conform that paper! :)

    Heres mine:

  2. ^^^^ I would have used fabric but I was too in love with this print ;p

  3. Cute! I need to do that asap! My light switch currently has nothing covering it : )


  4. Ohh how awesome is that?!! Great diy!

  5. so cute! this would be a fun project to do for my sons room with a fun animal print.

  6. what a great idea!:D Very nice!


  7. So cute and so easy - my kind of project :).

  8. I love this idea! Thanks for posting. :)

  9. omg!!
    i love this & i'm totally going to try this!
    thanks for the DIY!


  10. such inspiring symmetrical pattern on the light switch cover!