to the beach...

So sorry for the absence lately, I'm still trying to figure out how to work with this new
life schedule of ours (read more here) and the husband was off for 10days
 so we stayed insanely busy with the time we had together!

Although he doesn't expect me to remain offline when he is home,
he does sort of appreciate the time we get together and so do I.

That's why last week was perfect for the Summer Lovin' Giveaway!

Well I would love to share some photos of a recent trip to the Oregon Coast,
we seriously lucked out.  In Oregon we don't go the "beach", as its known that most
days are windy, cloudy, foggy.. so we go to the "coast",
 but in the summer you can hit a day just right, like we did!

We are about an 1 1/2 from the coast, so we get to drive through the Redwoods
dip into Cali and head up 101 back into Oregon if we want to do a quick day trip.

Once we saw how busy Harris Beach in Brookings was (yes this is considered busy!)
we decided to head up a few more miles to a quieter spot so that Arthur could play in the water

Um that scary (funny) photo of Arthur is what happens when a big gust of wind
hits his big droopy cheeks!  Priceless.

The only thing on Arthurs mind when he sees water, is to get it all in his mouth.
So we spent 2 hrs watching him bite waves.. more on that later.

Me deciding that going in the water with him on a leash was a bad idea,
since he yanked me in full clothes and all!  We let him run free after this.

Husband has some 5 finger vibrams (view here)
so any chance he gets to climb something, he will!

We never have to take baggies on walks with us,
because for some reason he only #1's on walks
(which is great!)
Well after 2 hours of gulping ocean water, he puked up foam and #2'd what looked like mustard
..i know gross detail...
on the trail where we immediately had to run away from it since we didn't have a baggie..
 and how do you pick up something the consistency of that anyway??
We got him back up to the car and this was his ashamed look... very ashamed.

And with Oregon weather you never know when it will change,
so we made it out just before the fog rolled in!

So Mr. Smith is back at work again (oh 2 weeks, I hope you go by quickly!)
he is stationed in Kalispell, MT for a few days then they are heading somewhere
into L.A County.. possibly Van Nuys.  Really wherever they need the helicopters for fires!

But he is back on Aug 31st, and that following week I will share another road trip!
This time up to Portland, Or for our fertility appt.. um no fertility photos though ;p


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures, Heather! I'm glad the two.. well 3.. of you were able to spend some quality time together :)

  2. HEY!!! You were in my neck of the woods!!! How cool is that? PS: the picture of Arthur out the window? Priceless!

  3. Missing O.R. and the coast so bad after seeing your photos. Thanks for sharing! My husband is dying to know where Mr. Smith works. He wants to work for Erickson when he gets out of school. I'd told him I'd ask. :)

  4. Oh I would absolutely LOVE to visit the north west. It has been top of my list for years! I've never been before. It looks so beautiful! And that windy picture is hilarious!! What an awesome shot.

  5. LOVED the picture of your dog at and the window!! I'm still laughing!

  6. I've been to Portland once, but unfortunately I haven't gotten to spend much time on the coast. These beautiful photos definitely make me hope I'll get the chance!

  7. That looks like so much fun! I'm jealous. And lordy, I love your dog. I just want to give him a smooch! :)


  8. Those pictures are beautiful. I went to Portland last summer and really feel in love with how green and lush Oregon is.

  9. Lovely photos!!
    My god, Arthur is soooo cool! Haha!

  10. That looks so beautiful!! Ok I may be a dork, but it totally reminds me of Twilight...LOL Good luck with your apt coming up! xoxo

  11. Arthur's reaction to the waves really reminded me of our family dog. I'm excited to take Tucker to the ocean and test my theory.:-)

  12. i'm hoping we'll get to camp at the coast for a night or two in the next week or so once wil gets a couple days off. can't wait!

  13. i want to go to the oregon coast so bad! It seems so GORGEOUS! my husband went for work a few years ago and said if i went i'd never want to come home. i'd give my right arm (hypothetically speaking) to get out of the ca smog.
    Your photos are amazing, & good for you for taking time to be with your man.

  14. such gorgeous photos and Arthur is PRICELESS!!!! so nice to have special time! : ) ENJOY!

  15. That's so awesome that you got to spend that time together. And the picture of your dog with his cheeks is a-mazing.
    I love taking day trips to the Oregon coast too and that's probably what I'll miss most when we move in a few weeks.
    Have fun in Portland (if fertility appts can even be fun times) and if you have time you should hit Papa Haydn's for HH dinner because their desserts are the BEST.

  16. How fun!! Glad your hubby was home for so long :)

  17. that pic of your dog is priceless. So hilarious. ;) I love it. :)

  18. I love your pictures! Gosh.. isn't summer lovely? :) :)

  19. beautiful pics!

  20. What a gorgeous blog you have, I LOVE it!! So excited to be a new follower! xoxo

  21. It's so pretty. I would love to see the West Coast sometime. Especially Oregon.

  22. Beautiful photos. Love the beach! :)

  23. Love all of these pictures!

    Your dog is precious. I'm a dog lover (two of my own).

    Looks like you had an amazing time!