Lovely DIY Designs (wk 2)

In case you missed Week One of :lovelyDIYdesigns:
let me catch you up on what this is all about.
See the girl on the left.. That's me!
and that girl on the right...Gina from Acute Designs (we love her!)
We have dreamed up a fabulous weekly feature that we want to share with you.

Every Wednesday one of us will feature a new tutorial..but there's more to it then just that.
The tutorials we create are from things we pin.. um you know that slightly unhealthy obsession right?
If not, then you are missing out!
Our boards (here & here) are overflowing with pins, and our diy crafts boards particularly
are calling out to us "make me, make me"

So.. we will!

Every Wednesday we will put our spin on something we pinned.
(^whoa that last line was genius!)

WEEK TWO: Paint Swatch Bookmarks

Paint Swatch Papers
Some sort of tie (string, twine, rope, ribbon, etc)
Hole Punch
Stamp (s)
Ink Pad

I would like to point out that all of the items I am showing in this tutorial, are things I already had.
You could go buy a specific stamp for this tutorial, but I'm showing you it with what I had handy!

I started out by laying my swatches side by side in a row,
I did this because I wanted my stamps to overlay and sort of be random as opposed
to perfectly placed, so arrange them how you would like your stamps laid out.

Ink your stamp (duh!)

Next place your stamp in the design you want, I wanted mine to look a little more on accident
rather then perfectly placed. So I just stamped a pattern so each swatch had a different look.

When done stamping I had this..
let dry or use a product like StazOn Ink Pads so you don't risk smearing.
If you are wanting something more finished, you can laminate these
 or use packing tape to seal the deal!

Next I used my standard hold punch and on the top of each swatch bookmark I punched a hole.

Next up get your tie, I used Divine Twine (love!) and coordinated the ties with each bookmark color

To make a legit tie (yep legit!)
fold in half, take the loop through the hole then take the ends through the loop and pull
..get it?

Repeat til you have them all done, and hot damn you have some cute bookmarks!

Stay tuned next Wednesday for Gina to show you something spectacular!!!


  1. I saw this pin a couple months ago and did the same thing! Didn't cost one cent!

  2. Such a great idea!! :] I can't wait to make one! :]

  3. cutest diy idea ever!
    thanks for sharing, I'll definitely have to try it :)

  4. Greatest (because it's quick) DIY idea I've seen in a while! Thanks!

  5. cuuuuute idea!!! I love a cute AND easy AND cheap craft!!

  6. Wow you women are so creative I wonder if you can go to paint stores and pick up their discontinued lines ?

  7. This is such a creative and fun DIY!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. that is a great idea(:
    love the colors<3

    hope you have a nice day full of colors and cookies(;

    Carmila Ponycat (

  9. I've been trying to find a great reason to invest in stamps...and I think I've found it. Thanks for the great tutorial!


  10. That's so awesome you guys posted this. I was considering taking paint swatches and making Thank You cards for my orders. I love the spin you put on it. Thanks for the added inspiration!

  11. love your blog! check mine out!

  12. I love the idea of doing and posting about your pins!! Such a clever idea, and love how you're also putting your own spin on them! How fun!!

  13. wow, this is amazing! Thank you for share. I will try that one. Much loves, Sacha.

    Check out my blog and hope you can follow me x

  14. Such a cute idea!! And I love that you are putting your pins to use!! My DIY board is overflowing....I just need some time to do some!!

  15. super cute!! They turned out perfect..following because I want to see the something spectacular! how can i not when you put it like that. ;) ok..i should be cleaning. but leaving comment love is way more fun.

  16. What a GREAT idea! My kids are always collecting those things whenever we go to a hardware or paint store. Love it!

  17. Spectacular idea! I am going to make party favors in pink hues for my daughter's upcoming birthday. Thanks!


  18. I love this idea! I'm going to definitely try this one out! Anywhere I can bring color into my life I do, so I just found one more way, thank you!