Lovely DIY Designs (wk 1)

The new weekly feature that Gina from Acute Designs
 and myself have teamed up to do, launches today!

Lovely DIY Designs
(just.lovely.things + acute designs = kick ass diy tutorials)

Every Wednesday you will see a new tutorial that we are teaching you how to do,
based off things we find from Pinterest.
(our boards are overflowing with pinspiration for us to share!!)

Today head over to Acute and see what she is up to & next week come see me!


  1. oh awesome series!!! who doesn't like DIY??

    = )

  2. OOh I love it! What a great idea! I cant wait to see what DIY's you have each week! :)

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  4. awesome idea! i'll look forward to reading these on wednesdays.

  5. I just found your blog... but I know I am gonna like it this idea too... :D

  6. So pretty! Love it! And it actually doesn't look to hard to do! :)