something happened...something bad...

So here's the deal
my studio vomited
yes. that's what happened right?
my studio came down with something, and is sick!

ok, ok.. that won't work.

My studio was vandalized,
the punks destroyed my scrap bin.
They ravaged through my supplies,
they left the place in shambles!

Ugh..still not working?

Ok I had a crazy little mess happen over the weekend and lost something.
I searched high and low and made the hugest mess ever,
 just to realize what I was looking for was in my living room! Grrrrr.

So although a few of you love my studio & its organization, I need you to know,
I'm real.  I make messes.  I'm not always organized.  I don't clean everyday.

Its a bad habit I'm working on, and I missed a weeks worth of blogging because of this!
My apologies.

I will be back in full force tomorrow, promise!


  1. Yeah... I'm glad to know you're human. This is what my craft room looks like... and I'm not 1/10th as busy as you. My excuse is that "it's a creative environment".

  2. I think that is a good excuse Nichelle! I am going to steal that one! HA

    Don't feel bad Heather, my "work space" aka the living room, kitchen, dining room table etc etc always looks like that!

  3. this happens to me every once and awhile, too. i hate that feeling of looking for something.... so frustrating!

    lovely room, nonetheless!


  4. i can relate. the threads that don't quite make it into the tiny trash or the threads i just trip and toss wherever. they add up quickly......

  5. UH so currently I do all of my crafting out of two reusable grocery bags.
    I totally get the feeling of chaos and losing things!

  6. Don't worry, it still looks nicer than mine, by a long shot. <3 Glad you found what you were looking for. I lost a pair of diamond earrings about 7 months ago and we've since moved and I'm afraid they're in some little nook at the old house and whoever buys it is going to find them and keep them, which makes me incredibly sad because I loved them so.

  7. i'm so glad you posted about this. it makes me feel better knowing i'm not the only one who has a disorganized craft room. as of right now, my looks as if tornados (several of them) have hit :)

  8. yay this makes me feel less bad about the mess in my home right now, thanks!

    Annis from

  9. This is what my studio looks like right now! This morning I blogged about cleaning it up and used a pic of your studio as my inspiration :).

  10. oooh I should totally use that "someone broke in excuse" when my husband asks about the craftiness seeping out of the crafte/guest room into our living room, kitchen... bedroom. haha :)

    xo erika @

  11. We missed you! Email me when you get a chance about sponsorship :)

  12. Love this cute mess.

    ♥ sécia

  13. Oh don't worry. Whenever I am working on projects my living room / dining room / a big part of my kitchen are completely taken over. My husband complains for like 5 seconds but I just tell him he's lucky to have such a creative wife. haha.

  14. hey! i don't know if you've been getting my emails, but I still need your large sponsor button and you have the option to do a diy or guestpost :) neither is mandatory of course, but i figured i'd try one last time.

  15. This is what my room looks like at least once a week! I go through floor to ceiling searches for one tiny little thing and in the meantime destroy my whole room! I definitely know what you mean!
    Star Hughes Living

  16. Hey we all have moments where we NEED to find something and we search and search and search...and it just gets more annoying when you still cant find it!! eee I am probably not helping..but I DO know how you feel

  17. It happens, don't worry about it. Hey, I wish I had a studio to make a mess in ;)

  18. for a second i really thought it was vandalized! glad that is not the case...

  19. Hi! Did ya get lost in there? ;) I dare not take a pic of my is awful right now!

  20. Anonymous15 June, 2011

    but you make the cutest stuff, so it's ok! :)