come hang with me...

Today I'm at the studio (hair & photography)
so I thought I'd give you a tour (via cellphone images) of another place I spend my time.

I sold my salon last month to a rad friend of mine Melissa.
She re-named and remodeled the place..
so 3 days a week I do hair here!

My hair station is like my 2nd home. 
I went from Beauty School to owning a salon and have owned 3 all together. 
This last year though I thought I should slow down and went from 7days a week to 5, to 3.. and now I'm good! 
I work Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays and only cater to the clients I love!!
It took a bit for me to realize that working all those days and sometimes working on people that weren't that great to me..
well it wasn't good for my mind. 
So I got rid of all the bad apples and I couldn't be happier!
Plus being home more or just being less stressed might help get a bun in this oven =)
(smallest tour ever lol)
I usually come with coffee in hand and get to hang with my work bestie Cameron
(she's the model you see in my blog header!)
oh and the coffee.. that's from local a joint Copper Barrel Coffee Co.
and my rad coffee girl Megan was my model is yesterdays shoot =)
and that jewelry tree?? umm only the cutest stuff ever from Sugar & Spice!

Break time means catching up on blogs, returning emails, shameless self promotion... 
Or I can hit up the studio side!
Since I also own a photography company a studio is a must have!
I'm a natural light photographer and this place is perfect for days when Oregon weather
 might not be so nice, and its great because the studio is on the same floor as the salon
(just one door seperates us) and I get to share it with some amazing ladies!

I started renting the studio side with a friend of mine in August of 2009, but we parted ways and I kept the place. 
Well since I'm simplifying my life, I didn't need all the space to myself
so slowly I got some other like minded positive people in here and its going great.

Although not everyone can be so lucky to get a studio,
we are fortunate to have a great meeting place right downtown (love this place!)
and if I ever need a nap I can just pass out in our studio bed =)

Anyways.. this is another part of my life that I hope you enjoyed seeing!


  1. LOVE it! Is awesome :)

  2. Love your studio and your hair station - how fun that you get to do what you love all the time!

  3. Your life is BEAUTIFUL Heather!!!

  4. its beautiful thank you for sharing

  5. I kind of want your life. For real. It sounds like fun ;)

  6. I LOVE your studio space and that you get to have everything in one space!! Phenomenal really!!

  7. you have the most adorable spaces. LOVE it all!

  8. Anonymous16 June, 2011

    i love the brick, i mean love it!!! i used to do hair a long time ago & ended up hating it!! :/ you have so many projects going on! you are 1 busy girl!

  9. All of these pictures are amazing!!! You've created such beautiful spaces full of so much inspiration!
    Star Hughes Living

  10. Oh my gosh. Just found your blog and I am totally loving it!

    Ask the Duplex

  11. hmm. i've been thinking about hair school. i've been doing the corporate gig for some time, and thinking about starting over in a completely new direction. if you have any advice for someone in my position - please email me!

  12. Gorgeous! If I had a station like that I'd never have stopped doing hair. You've owned 3 salons? That's awesome! Some days (like when I see pretty pics like this) I really miss doing hair. Your studio is fabulous too. Love it all!

  13. I absolutely love this! I am hard core jealous! :)

  14. Love where you hang. It looks so cozy and I love those photos by the window! :)

  15. Just found your blog... LOVE your photos! That is awesome - so jealous! I'm following you - thanks so much for sharing beautiful things :)