things i love tuesday

This Etsy Shop: Dirty Laundry

Yummy?? Yeah.
Why do I always find products that I want to eat, that I'm not supposed to eat?
These handmade bath fizzies are created by Jeanee who by day works at Hallmark Cards
as a graphic designer (how cool right?!) she runs a great blog and is a beauty contributor
for NEET Magazine (where I'm advertising for the new spring issue, eep!!)

This rad chick:  Whimsey Handmade

Tammie is the creative genius behind the blog and *soon to be shop* for Whimsey Handmade
I'm hoping to do an interview around the time she launches her new shop, but in the mean time
go become her friend on facebook to get all the latest news on her products..
speaking of products here are a few of her items that she makes plus some from her vintage shop!


This local company: Papaya! Art  (Ashland, Oregon)

I have been a huge fan of Papaya for years now (since I bought my first piece from them in 2004 in Eugene, Oregon),
and they never cease to amaze me.
From their amazing studio, to the positive energy you get just from reading their blog
and of course the hours I could spend browsing all of their art work.
I love the fact that these wonderful people are in beautiful Southern Oregon with me.
Their new store is opening next month in downtown Ashland so for you locals, its a must see!

This tutorial: T-shirt Pom Poms

I know this has made the rounds all over blog land, but it is still so cute!
I want to make a bunch for a little garland to hang in my back yard this summer.
Too cute.


  1. Those pom poms are adorable. I want to make a string/banner of them for over my bed.

  2. I'm in love with those t-shirt pom poms. Soooooo cute!

  3. new reader here :) love your blog! i absolutely love those tshirt poms. so clever!

  4. we r indie biz classmates! hey! i love those pom poms, im seeing them everywhere lately! last year it was all about the tissue paper. loving this version

  5. the pom poms are super cute!! o and now I totally want to bake cupcakes!!