sealed with a kiss!

Good Morning!

This morning when I was walking into my salon to do a hair appointment,
 I realized that I had forgot my coffee in my car.
I ran back and noticed something by my door that looked familiar.
"Why does that blob of fabric look like something I own?..should I inspect further??"
Yep I was officially talking to myself, as I looked both ways to make sure no one saw me
"wait, are those my underwear?!"
{i paused for a moment, hoping they were indeed mine}
grabbed them and realized they were (thank you Jesus!)

Lesson of the day:
Next time I wont throw a pair of jeans in the dryer in a quick rush,
before taking out all my undergoodies first!

This story has nothing to do with today's post, just wanted to share!

Ok so, the other day I offered up the mini-est of mini tours of my studio space,
and today I thought I would share a little bit about how I package & send off my product!

Now first I would like to say, that this is just what works for me (right now)
Some of you who bought the first headbands, may remember my packaging with music note paper..
well I like to constantly change things and find what works for me and my current mood.

 First I start out by seeing that an order was placed in my shop,
 from there I pull that item and place it in the "shipping dept!"

I use white CD envelopes, these work so perfect
 and unless its a metal item then I never use bubble wrap
 (I don't like waste!)
So I address the envelope (yes, by hand!)

 Now sometimes I do this two different ways..
If I'm working on shipments when an order comes in, then I just kind of do all these steps at once.
If it comes in on a non-shipment day then I pull the item,
 address and envelope and get it ready for a shipping day!

 I know this stamp is kind of on the "crafty side", but its so cute!

 besides, it looks way cuter then a big bulky mailing label..
and since I do hand make every item, I think it fits quite well!
I think that if I got a package with cute touches like this, I would love the product even more!!

The flowers go into those Kraft bags (I stamp those too!) then its over to the Shipping Dept!

See, the flowers that have been ordered are pulled..
and the recipients envelope will go with their item to make sure everything is in order,
and I don't lose track of things!
(i would like to clarify that before an item is placed in the envelope,
 I do verify once more through paypal that it is indeed going to the correct person)

I don't print receipts (more waste) so I just like to double check it all!

Now its time to package the item!
I use these small card stock books as "headband placement boards"
 (i just made that name up, k)

You can find these little books at any craft or scrap booking store
(yes that is glue on there, hey I make stuff.. I sorta can't help it!)

And they come in so many colors and prints!

Today I chose a yellow dotted background for this lovely ruffle wrap

Because I want the band to be secure,
 and like I have mentioned, I don't like to waste product (tape, etc.)
I came up with a little idea..
I cut a cross into the center of the paper!
I wrap the band around the paper, and pull the excess band through the back of the card.
The extra band that comes through the cross I cut, hides perfect behind the flower!

Next up the flower goes into the pre-stamped Kraft bag

I do a couple of folds to get it to the right size, then hole punch the top of the bag

This is the fun part!!! Aww I love The Twinery =) they make me happy..
I pick out a color, to use on the outside of the bag

Then I take the twine and pull it through the back of both holes, so it meets in the front.
I then take a card (that I also hold punched)
and make a pretty little bow with it..

So this, is what you get..
a pretty package with something even prettier inside!

It then goes into its pre-addressed envelope.
Then back over to the shipping dept (i just really like calling it that!)
until I take it to be mailed off!
(I ship on Mon.Wed & Fri)

So this is how I do things right now.
I realize I could print labels and toss a paypal receipt and the flower in an envelope.
But, that's just not my style..
So while I can, (before I realize this method isn't realistic to my business)
 I do this.


  1. Love this look into your packaging! I thinking packaging items might be my favourite part of my process!! I love making pretty things and then packaging them just as pretty as the inside!! Love your blog :)

  2. love your process! very inspiring :) thinking about changing mine up!

  3. Love it! So sweet!

    Where do you get your bags? Love those!

  4. I love the look of this and think it is way better then just tossing it into the envelope :) I love getting pretty packages & usally those are the shops I go back to!

  5. Nothing makes me happier than receiving a beautifully packaged product that I've purchased! Thank you for sharing, and for taking the time to make each order a treasure for someone!!

  6. Haha the underwear sounds like something that would happend to me! lol Too funny! Love your shipping method, its soo cute!! Have a great day!! :)

  7. Love this bloggy blog, stalkin it up!! :)

  8. thanks everyone!!!
    jessica: I ordered them from etsy previously, but because of how many orders I have been getting I'm thinking about outsourcing to a larger company (I hate doing it but its more efficient) so I was looking into uline...those prices are for bundles of 1000! en&keywords=Kraft Envelopes&SubGroups=5503&view=ALL&TrackSearch=N

  9. Oh this is a beautiful process, I love it!

  10. Um oh my gosh, this is organized and beautiful! I love it! I want to get my own cute little package!

  11. I've been checking out your blog for awhile now and just realized we live in the same town. Thanks for the inspiration and keep your creative juices flowing!

  12. so creative, love all your details :) & your pantie story is so funny :) !

  13. You are so detail oriented. I LOVE shops like you! I cant wait to get my package in the mail :)

  14. So cute and fun! You should have a spot reserved for us frequent shoppers :)

  15. I like this way significantly better than a label and Paypal receipt.

  16. i'm a new follower to your blog.. love this. and we are moving kinda close to grants pass this summer. we have quite a few relatives in grants pass too! :)

  17. I love that you shared this and it makes me SOOOOO excited to receive my order!!!
    Which reminds me that I need to go email you back! Doing it now so my order can go through the process!

  18. i do everything by hand as well, it makes it more personal!

  19. Your packaging is so pretty! Makes me want something from your shop even more with how lovely it is!

    And yes, yes I do want to be pen pals. ;]

  20. Hi, I'm Laura, I found you through LMM :)

    Your stuff us uh-mazing! SO cute and I think I might have to order one in every color! I am a hairdresser too and you know how much we LOVE our hair accessories! ;)

  21. Wow you really do put lots of love, time and effort into it!!
    Absolutely heart warming!
    Would you ever send to South Africa?
    Much love,
    Vanilla Blonde

  22. I have been a follower of your blog for some time now...and I am still such a big fan...hopefully I have this goal to have a high a demand for goods as youdo :)

    By the way you can thank Little Miss Momma for me finding you! :)

  23. Hello!! I am saying hi from LMM. Love your shop!

  24. I love this! It's the personal touches that keep your customers coming back. SO cute! Where do you get those cute brown packages from?


  25. love your packaging.
    thanks for the inspiration.
    Where do you keep the headbands while they are waiting to be bought. Thats what i struggle with, finding some kind of organization for the merchandise while it sits and waits to be bought.


  26. I love that you take the time to do this. So awesome.

  27. I saw the picture of you holding the envelope with the name and I began staring hard and thinking, "Wow, that looks a lot like my name...." Then thought how weird that someone else has the same first name as me and the same first two letters of the last name... then I realized I ordered from you last weekend and it was probably mine after all! ha! I was a little spooked for a minute.

    I love all the personal touches you do and I love your shop! :)

  28. so cool to see how you package your stuff. i want to buy something...thanks for following my blog.

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  31. Your underwear story had me laughing cuz it's something that I would do...

    and lemme tell you, I had friends over, and one of them sat on a pair of my undies... nasty ol' things...clean, but nonetheless.

    good thing she doesn't judge. ;)

  32. i LOVE the little personal touches you put on your products. and you are right, if i saw that i would love it even more.

  33. such pretty packaging!

  34. what a cute idea! i love getting items that are cutely packaged...i definitely need to get something from your shop soon! :)

  35. I can't wait to meet you at Queen Bee Market! I feel the same way about my packaging. I have a shipping assistant, but I still do all the addressing by hand! I think it is important...even with sometimes 50 orders a week. I think it will always be important to me. In fact, I state on every item that it will be {packaged pretty}!

    ♥ april

  36. WOW! those flowers are gorgeous and the packaging IMAGINATIVE.

  37. Wow, I totally LOVE your process!!! So thought out AND thoughtful.
    Its the little things.

  38. What great ideas!! I can't wait to have the space to be as organized as you.

    I just found your blog and am so glad I did!

  39. I want to live in there. I seriously could spend hours there. it's darling. Thanks for sharing.