and around we go!

Some of you may know about my huge crush small obsession with Danielle Burkleo..
I first started seeing the yarn wreaths when I found her blog Take Heart
they are so cute, so girlie and oh so fun to make!
Now dont' worry I'm not taking her idea, running with it to the first etsy shop I can open
so that I can become a wreath making goddess..
instead, when I was sick this weekend, and it was raining out I decided to take my
hands away from the flowers and do a little craft, for fun!

Now I would like to put a disclaimer in here
*this is my first wreath and i have no idea what I'm doing*
so don't giggle too hard, and please don't take my instructions too seriously!

Oh and if you want a pretty rad wreath for yourself go visit
Sugar Money (those are the real deal!)

First up, you start with a round foam form.. I picked mine up at dollar tree (along with the twine)
everything else is just scraps of things I had laying around the studio..
so I'm sure there is some really easy way of doing this, that I will never discover
but basically you wrap the crap out of that yarn around the wreath!
it's tedious, i wont lie

But when it's done, its like a super comfy hula hoop!

Next I took my twine and wrapped it around the wreath, why you ask?
no clue, just sounded like a cool idea!

There was no method to my madness.
It was a gloomy day, I was drinking a coffee and I just wanted to make something!

I wanted to go for a "vintage" feel so I grabbed a few things here and there
and really just started attaching them in a manner that looked "not like sh*t" lol
I'm sorry, I didn't really know how else to explain that one so forgive me ;p
I came up with a random little flower thingie mabob mainly because
I didn't want to make it a perfect rosette.. I think it came out super cute!

Another scrap of fabric here...
 then onto a bigger fluff of lace behind the black lace fan, because it was missing something


I need something to fill that hole next to the pink flower, right?

I made another one of the flower thingie mabobs with lace and attached a cute embellishment!
Next up I had to decide what to do to the top..
 I had a really wide piece of lace so I made a pretty little bow and that hid the twine I needed to hang the wreath!

after it was done, since I was going for a "vintage look"
 I found this cute ribbon with words on it in my scraps that I totally forgot I had and wanted to use!
So I added that to the front, and voila! there you have it =)

I wouldn't consider this a "tutorial" but more of how I spent my Sunday afternoon, when I was bored! 
 I hope you enjoy how I throw things together and get inspired to just make things for fun and loosen up once in a while.. and if not.. just go browse Danielles' wreaths, they are super satisfying!


  1. that turned out super cute!!! i love it!!

  2. this is great.
    i made about 7 of these for christmas gifts this year.
    one of them got 'left behind' and its hanging up in our living room!


  3. cute. I like it!


  4. I've seen yarn wreaths. Haven't really been a fan of them ....
    Until NOW! Oh, that is just stunning. Love it!

  5. This is beautiful!

    (Deserves an award -- on my blog lol)

  6. I love how this turned out and now I am going to march myself to the store and get some wreath makin' stuff!

  7. Super cute!
    Danielle's wreaths make me happy, too :)

  8. that's fantastic!! You're so crafty!


  9. I love this style. It isn't something i mght think of, but totally cute once I see it. Thanks for sharing!

  10. this is super cute! the colors are fantastic. I might have to try it out!

  11. i love danielle's wreaths, too!
    i just posted a wreath on my blog today, for my gma. i actually sold one in my etsy store and was shocked because there are so many out there. yours turned out SO PRETTY!!! i love it!

  12. love, love, love it!!! and you. :)

  13. Your style is hilarious, cracked me up in the best possible way! I am ALL about "random little flower thingie mabob"s .. Thank you =)

  14. Oh my goodness, I love it!

  15. Nice. Well done. I especially like the added touch of the last ribbon you found. Text has become so popular in crafting. I too made a wreath this past week. Like you, it was a first try. If you would like to take a gander you can follow this link.

  16. super cute!! I am glad u posted this! I decided a few days ago that I am going to make one this weekend for some wall art in our living room!!

  17. so pretty! thanks for sharing!

  18. That is really pretty! I love it!

  19. This is beautiful! I am crazy about text on fabric.... where did you get that ribbon??