pretty art & a discount!

Meet Katie... Katie Daisy!

This lovely lady is an amazing artist, whose work I absolutely adore.
I don't usually come across so forward, but today I said what the heck
and I sent her a message telling her how much I loved her things..
 in return (with so much kindness) she offered a 20% etsy discount to my readers..
so head over to her shop and if you see an item you love -which you will-
 then enter coupon justlovely at checkout!!
(it's only good for a week so take advantage)

Katie is a self proclaimed farm girl being inspired by
" vegetables, herbs, animals, weather, astronomy, trees, and so much more"

you can tell from her whimsical images that she is inspired by the beautiful earth we live on..
 you cant help but smile when you see her photos..
 the colors, the light, the liveliness..
they are positively positive.. (if that's possible?)

Offering prints (posters, cards etc..)

Visit her:

You will be inspired and might even have an extra bounce in your walk, I promise.


  1. Small world- I went to high school with Katie. I was just in Target last week and saw some spring gift bags - I'm pretty sure she designed them.

  2. Kelsey I did hear that she has a line at Target, how cool huh?? I'm trying to map out where to hang all the goodies that I want to order today.. aren't her State photos so cute? I'm patiently waiting for an Oregon to make its debut =)

  3. Love Love Love her and your blog! I've already got my prints from this neat little sale. Thank you so much!

    Just read your comment about the state photos. I'm patiently waiting for Oklahoma's too. =]

  4. i absolutely LOVE her art!! it's so fun and cheerful. i have one of her prints that i used at our wedding, actually, and it was just perfect for the occasion.

  5. Shes so creative. Love her stuff!


  6. Just purchaed the Emerson print, it is my favorite quote of all time and we named our two year old son Emerson in part because of it! What a beautiful way to display it, can't wait to get it in the mail! Love your blog, found you through Promise Tangeman's blog and am so happy I did :) ps - Thanks for the coupon code!