giveaway time (again!)

I keep reading in my online classes and in business interviews,  about how one regret of a new business is doing too many giveaways..
and you know what.. ask me in a year and I might feel the same way.

But right now, I like sharing... and I like meeting people that like sharing.
I don't see anything wrong with that.

In the process of blogging and crafting and everything else I do, I have been able to meet some cool people that share similar interests as me. 
 I know if we all lived closer we would hang.  But we don't. *insert sad face here*

So we all stalk (in a non-creepy way) each other on here

Well if you haven't started following this blog you should
Today she is even doing a {just.lovely.things} giveaway!
I love handing out the goods okay =)

.Meet Casey. (& love her!)
Artist. Crafter. Blogger. Momma. Cool Chick..
Isn't she cute??

So go check out the giveaway when you get a chance (its going til Sunday)
and all the other links right below!

Oh.. and Happy Friday Yo!


  1. Just found your blog and think it is SUPER ADORABLE :)

  2. just wanted to thank you for being one of those blogs that inspires me day after day... i gave you an award and linked back to you from my blog. Check it out if you like!:
    A big latin hug from mexico! Clau

  3. OK first I have just found your blog through a giveaway on another one of my favorite blogs, so I think the giveaways are working for ya. Second I have read several of your posts, been stuck on your site for awhile. And third I'M IN LOVE! I'm definitely adding you to a favorite site of mine, I love your style. Come on over and check mine out, it's a work in progress, I really have high hopes for my little blog one day!