yummy yummy facial hair!

This mustache trend will never die.  ever. so stop getting bored of mustaches.

Jesus had a mustache and I need these cups! <-- that's legit reasoning right?
Plus with the addition of the smooch, it really mixes things up!

The Little Miss Stache.. I sponsor her awesome blog so of course I have to show love!

A collection of them?? Great for mustache reference.  Please and Thank you!

Now people, calm down! I realize this isn't an actual mustache okay,
 but for one its flippin genius (and cute) and for two.. they put a bird on it =)

Ha my necklaces would never want to be worn if they had to leave this beauty!

and I'm saving the best for last.
Be prepared for the amazingness that your eyes are about to witness..
kitties with mustaches!!!

and now I'm off to the bathroom to go wax my upper lip!
(I'm joking, I totally don't do that, I swear!!!)
geez people this is how rumors get started.



  1. Kitty mustaches!! Love. Thanks for putting my birdstache shirt in here!

  2. oh my word.
    cracking me up.
    yes Jesus did have a mustache, i think :)
    glad to find you.
    and I have PCOS.
    we need to talk.

  3. I love mustaches, too! Have you visited Fuzzy Ink? http://fuzzy-ink.com/