things i love tuesday

This week in honor of Valentines day and just the fact that these are things I love,
 you will see a little theme.. love, romance, sweet.. you get the idea.

This lovely etsy find: The Career Scrapper
Her designs are simply sweet and really you can hang them up year round!

This shop: SpitFire Girl
This shop is actually full of quite a few great finds, but I'm loving how they print on wood!

This Photographer: Sarah Beth
Pet photographer, need I say more?

This product: Scotch Naturals
Non-Toxic water based polish and remover, cute colors and love their simple packaging.

This prop stylist: Eva Lindh
Really I just love this bathroom and wish I didn't share with my husband so I could have something like this in my home..
 I hate baths, I really see why I could start loving them if this is where they took place!

I love so many things, thank god I get to do this every Tuesday!
See you next week.


  1. yes and amen to all these cute things. love them!

  2. new follower! I love your blog!