my friends are rad!

A few of you may remember me asking you to help my friend Alex (here)
well now I just want you to get you excited for her shop launch!
It opens in just two days and I'm so excited for her =)

She invited me over to take a few photos of her inventory, and I couldnt help but to sneak a few of her amazing workspace..
 a studio tour and interview are scheduled for this next month.

In honor of her Grand Opening I have asked if she would like to be my first official Giveaway
*she said yessssss!!!*

So head over to her page, and follow her (it will help your chances of winning on tuesday)
and watch out for her opening, its going to be great!


  1. She has such pretty fabric and I love the ribbon dispenser!

  2. cute! I love the clutches. I'm glad I stumbled your way, keep up the great work.