hey kitty kitty

Its one of those days.
When frustration can get the best of me.
When something very precious and hard earned can feel like nothing
I try to take the higher road..

but not without at least saying something..
most of you that make a product and have a business out of it know what I mean by this.

Feel free to share this with others =)


  1. I totally get it. It is hard and discouraging. One thing my husband reminded me of once when I saw a similar product to one of mine is that no one can really claim an idea anymore. These days everything's been done. It's all about how you represent yourself and your product. And as long as the customer service is as good as the representation, you'll be top banana. And you've already got that going with those darling cards you showed us that you ordered special for your customers.

    BTW, I really like that gray ruffled headband, but I'm not fan of elastic headbands. Is it possible to get it on a metal headband, or perhaps just buy the applique? I would be willing to pay the same price.


  2. im totally in love with al you do and think it is so incredibly unique!!!! seriously beautiful! if we werent on such a tight budget right now i would have cleared out your shop!

  3. aww, i hope someone isn't copying your work!! you have some really cute headbands, and i can't wait to buy one! :)

  4. I hate when people copycat! I have had that done to me
    multiple times, but you know what....

    if you think about it, we all copy from one another. There are just some who are better than others.

    Everything has been done and nothing is original anymore.

    it's just the way you make it and it's done by you, that's it is original...

    Take it as the best compliment someone can give you, because... if they can't come up with anything and have to copy someone else... they are not that creative to begin with and they feel threatened somehow.

    Hope this makes you feel a little better!


  5. Oh I know I'm not the first person to make a flower headband haha, but I also didnt copy anyone elses design.. I made my own. Im just saying in general, if you dont imagine & create then nothing will ever be new. One of my dads' friends had a design, he even owned a patent and a company in China copied it and mass produced it and he lost everything he invested. Things like that are just wrong! Thats all ;p

  6. Totally agree. I can say no more than that :)