eat: frozen fruit salad

If you follow along on instagram you might know that I started whole30 and ended up sticking with it for over 100 days.  When life got a little crazy I kind of fell off the wagon and immediately noticed how horrible I felt.  My body really doesn't do well with dairy or grains and although I love sugar I really needed to cut down on it.  I've been trying to find things that still taste good and are actually good for me and fruit salads are a definite favorite!

This fruit salad is so easy to make and even easier to enjoy!  I don't have exact measurements because really I just wing it- but I'll break down my usual for this how-to:

1 banana
4 large strawberries
12 blueberries

shaved coconut
cashew pieces

coconut milk

Mix it all together and freeze for about 15-20min, if I'm feeling crazy I will add a dash of cinnamon.  This is my favorite treat right now and I love that I don't feel guilty afterwards, enjoy!