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Even though we are in the beginning stages of buying our first home, I have a feeling its going to go by so fast.  I want to enjoy it all, but also be prepared.  So in between packing up the condo, I've been dreaming of all the things we can finally do to our own place. I think the fact that spring is in full effect over here is the reason I'm craving all things gardening, indoor plants & green- with a few copper projects sprinkled in. Hope your week was great and your weekend is even better! 

your easter eggs a little bit fancy
almond-cherry gfree breakfast cookies
modern egg shaped garland (for any occasion not just easter)
a hanging garden for in/outside

these adorable spring planters
this smart veggie garden plan
how easy & pretty this hairstyle is
this quick thought on blogging

download some desktop wallpapers
keep up on the 52 weeks of lists
grab one of these adorable free printables
start your spring reading list

favorite blogs this week:
the fresh exchange
blood and champagne (currently obsessed with decor ideas)
april everyday
jelly toast

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