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After reaching the one year mark of living here in Portland, I started getting the itch to get out of the house a little more than just adventures, shopping & coffee dates.  Although I do stay busy with my own projects (like this blog & launching my new shop) I thought finding a small side job would be great because I could meet people, do something I'm good at and make a little cash too (who doesn't like that?).  I came across an ad for a 3 day a week gig working for a super cute stationary shop in the pearl district and jumped all over it.  Thankfully the owner liked me enough to offer a position I actually just passed the one month mark!

I have been self-employed for so long that I actually haven't worked for someone else in almost 10yrs.  Having a boss is almost foreign to me and I never thought I would have a "day job" again, but the reasons are different and I was able to go about this on my own terms- so it works!  Since I had previously co-owned an online paper & pretty things boutique, I've been able to help out in some areas where the current owner just hadn't had time to focus on because besides running the shop, she is also very busy designing invitations for clients.  One of my favorite tasks is heading up the instagram account for Ecru.  I decided to go with a 'neatly organized things' theme over there and I love how its turning out.  Its a great way to show off the products we offer, connect with our vendors and get a little creative in inventory photography. Its a fun challenge to set up these little vignettes and the feedback we have received is great.  I'm glad I get to leave my house to do things like this! Hashtag do what you love.

If you are on instagram and you like organized things- follow along! @ecrumodernstationer

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