let us fall

I know so many people say that fall is their favorite season ::raises hand::, but truly why wouldn't it be?  I like the calm, the gray, the comfort of it all.  My birthday is in November, so from the get go I was destined to be an autumn baby.  Something about the season change always sparks some sort of change in my personal life as well.  Its the time when I'm most at peace with myself and creative when it comes to projects, home, business etc.

I told myself that as soon as autumn was upon us I needed to slow down and I did.  I've had so many things on my mind lately when it comes to my present, my future, dreams, goals.  Really what it is I'm doing and why I do it.  I truly believe in enjoying moments and not trying to make them, so in an effort to really practice what I preach I allowed myself a break from it all.  I didn't do things just to turn them into a blog post, I didn't go places just to share a photo on instagram- I lived them, enjoyed them and will privately remember them.  Don't get me wrong, I still have things to share (like the photos above), but with a little more clarity, selectiveness and a lot more intention.

Lately with the over satuation of shop after shop, blog after blog, conference after conference- you get the idea.  I have been asking myself- did we all want to grow up and 'be a blogger', be self employed, make handmade items.  Is it just the cool thing to do?  Is the obsession with the modern celebrity and the desire for fame and fortune- or even recognition, the new american dream?  I'm not sure where I fall into any of it, or why I'm even blabbering.  I guess I just want to always seek out authenticity while portraying the same.  I want to be keep shit real and enjoy whatever ride this new season brings.

Its always change and change is good.

I know its not Autumn everywhere (happy summer, southern hemisphere friends!), so in general- what are you looking forward to for this new season?

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