bicycle love

Last year I purchased a cruiser (that needed lots of love) from a friend of a friend for twenty-five bucks and life was so busy and quickly changing that I never got around to giving it a proper make-over or even riding it and ended up donating. So when we moved I knew I wanted another, but it would probably be wiser of me to grab it already in its cute stage and just add customized touches here and there.  Enter this mint beauty!  I came across it on an instagram feed last month and immediately started searching for it, for under $150 with free shipping it was a deal I couldn't pass up.  She was delivered a few weeks ago and I've been dreaming of some fun things I want to add to style her up!  I'm switching out the front basket and adding a stained wooden box to the back for sure, but below are some other ideas I've been thinking of!

Next up I'm on the hunt to find a gang of friends to ride our bikes around and sing at the top of lungs, while hating all boys- like in Now and Then, any takers?

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