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Hey hey its another round of weekend links- doing this post always makes me realize how fast the week actually goes by!  This week was a pretty good one:  I've been location scouting for some events to host in Portland for bloggers, photographers and shop owners, we reopened Fawn & Flora after taking a long spring break and my husband came home!  Most of you know he has a very unique work schedule where he is only home 12 days each month (it blows), but we do what we can with it and in January he should be done with this contract in Peru & might come back to the states.  Anyways, I found some goodies from all over for this post and made sure to bookmark my favorites. Enjoy!

super simple & unique stamped clutch
a braidy/twisty tshirt headband
some whiskey slush that looks pretty damn yummy
good old no bake cookies- i could eat these stupid things all day!
this geometric painted wooden bowl

these super swoon worthy pantone folding chairs
a perfect for summer handmade dress
this perspective on people constantly on their phones- love this!
an overwhelming amount of home decor beautifulness
the 'new' miley cyrus- thoughts..?

snag some of these letters before they are all gone!
read these 5 tips for creating and awesome ecourse
participate in 52 weeks of lists
take this summer of love journaling course, I am- join me?
see what all the scout mob fuss is about

5 favorite blogs this week:
bubby and bean
high walls
scout and catalogue
breanna rose
bright bazaar

view other weekend links here! xo

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