I've never been one of the types where music is my everything.  It has never gotten me through a tough time, its not the air I breathe, I wouldn't be lost without it.  But that doesn't go without saying- I do love it.  I like to associate music with my moods, memories, weather, etc. and with summer rolling around music during a drive is like a sno-cone on a hot day- much needed.

These are the songs you play with the window down on a drive, drinking tea and laying on the grass, hanging indoors and making art.. just feel good tunes and a few hipster mixes sprinkled in. Enjoy!

now is the start by Heather Smith on Grooveshark


  1. I love all of the songs and I even discovered some new stuff :)

  2. Sometimes we all just have to take a moment to sit and rest. It's an important thing that our busy culture tells us not to do! Looking forward to listening to the playlist Xx

  3. wow great list, I found some new favs!