instacrush: @thuglifeforevs

Instagram is the one social media outlet where I feel like I have more control over the type of content I want to see.  Sure you can follow & unfollow on facebook and twitter, but there are always promoted posts you can't control at all.  Enter instagram- I like to follow happy users, the ones that post the pretty photos and think about the content in their feeds as art.  I have so many favorites on there and would love to share more of them with you.  Join me each week to see who I'm crushing on!

Emily Blincoe is a killer photographer out of Texas.  Not only does she take & share amazing photos, she produces these collections that are just so thought provoking.  The quality of her work sets her aside as one of my favorite ig'ers because of the time that goes into her projects.  She has plenty of amazing photos in her feed, but I want to share 3 collections with you- #chameleonportrait, #colorsorganizedneatly & #thisAMPERSANDthat, amazing right?

She recently started a new one called #thecollectioncollection and so far I'm loving it!  note* anyone with OCD will be a huge fan of hers =)

Hope you follow along and get a new instacrush too!  Do you already have some crushes?  I'd love to find new inspiring artists to follow so please share them with me below and if you aren't already you can find me @thingslovely xo


  1. Anonymous19 June, 2013

    following now! wow so amazing!

  2. Kasey Lurvin19 June, 2013

    um ok so now my pictures are ugly after i see hers! just kidding- thanks for sharing, what an amazing talent!

    1. haha thats what i thought, but its like motivation to take better photos and think throughly before posting every little thing that happens all day!

  3. Anonymous19 June, 2013