dwell: the blue eyed owl

Dwell: to live as a resident, reside.  to exist in a given place or state.

Hello! I'm Liz, author of The Blue Eyed Owl
The heart of our home is the kitchen and family room. They are the only two rooms that are "done" and decorated and we spend about 90% of our time here. It's a small space but perfect for our family of 3 humans and 2 fur babies.

As you can see, our style is vintage eclectic. Emphasis on the eclectic! Most wouldn't pair curvy French with sleek mid-century, put hairpin legs on a chippy farmhouse door, or put a modern dining table with a shabby chic hutch, but we march to the beat of our own drum over here. Our favorite part of this space is our beloved vintage globe collection. I have over twenty at this point and see no reason to stop. They bring so much color and character to every room!

This room took awhile to come together because we collected things that we love over time. Anybody can go to Target and Home Goods and fill a room. This space is carefully curated to reflect our family. Vintage copies of our favorite books, unique flea market finds, my great grandmother's quilts, a sofa from a family friend, and kilim pillows make this space one of a kind. I can guarantee nobody else has a room just like this. It's our special place.

You can catch a post Liz shared here for tips on how to thrift vintage and don't forget to follow her blog.  If you are in her area make sure to stay up to date on places where she sells or markets she attends! 


  1. Kasey Lurvin20 June, 2013

    this is stunning! you never really see vintage in a newer looking home and you pulled it off seamlessly- well done!

  2. Anonymous20 June, 2013

    so cute!

  3. melissa graves20 June, 2013

    I think I need to collect more globes, I have 2 and they are just in my sons room. I never thought of grouping them all together like that, such a great idea.

    Darling space!