watching// the following & carrie diaries.  something serious (and so so very crazy!) & something fun, its a good balance.  have you watched the following and want to talk about the level of nuts this show is?

reading// weekly i've been reading gathered on my ipad, in print I just finished up mindy kalings book and need to find something light hearted like that again. any suggestions?

browsing// anything and everything that betty means business posts, plus enjoying all the art that the beautiful kelli murray creates, i can't even decide which one to purchase- help!

visiting// everywhere! having only moved here last month means i keep myself very busy finding my way around the new city I get to call home. also the adventures my gps takes me on are pretty surprising!

enjoying// being able to start calling our house a home.  as we settle (or try to) each day it starts to feel more like ours and where we are supposed to be.

dreaming// about the adventures we want to take this summer- visiting new to us neighborhoods and shops, local eateries, going on hikes and even road trips.  since brandon is only home 2wks each month its a lot of fun jammed into 14days!

and because life can't always be (& isn't) perfect...
hating// my lack of discipline when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle and feeling good about how I look- as i've struggled with infertility for 7yrs, its becoming very clear to me that i am my own worse enemy, especially when it comes to losing weight for fertility treatments.

What are you up to lately?  If you post something similar make sure to share it in the comments so I can come catch up. xo


  1. I'd sign up on the book question. I've just finished this book by Mindy, too, and something similar would be great! :-)

  2. Matt & I are obsessed with The Following. My mind is blown every episode. So nuts!

  3. what is the following?! i need to check it out....

  4. and book - read the Blogess's book. I just finished it - hilarious!

  5. Great post! I need to do a post like this on my blog! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  6. how did you like mindy's book?! i've been thinking about getting it!

  7. I've always wondered if my weight doesn't have something to do with my own infertility issues. I'm only a couple years in, and not seeking treatments, but I'm really trying to take better care of myself! We'll see if it works :)