Three /// Things: managing busy changes

Oh friends I have missed you so.  It has been a little more hectic than planned around here with the move, but isn't that the way it goes?  Its funny how much change can happen in a short amount of time, four hours from our previous home and its a completely different world here.  Add busy on top of this change and its another story!

I once heard that 'busy is a matter of choice' and that still rings true whenever I hear it mentioned.  Lately I've been learning how to manage my own busy while adjusting to change at the same time.  Here a few things that I've implemented-

Plan and be okay with the unplanned.
Its easy to make a plan, but sometimes things can happen where your plan may stray off course and being okay with that will make things so much easier.  We were supposed to have internet the day we moved here, that meant I planned on getting right to work the day after the move.  Four days later and still no connection put a dent in my plan, but I used that time to rest from the move, explore the city a little more and enjoy the down time. I try to come up with ideas or plans and get a little input from others, that way maybe if I'm missing something they can open my eyes and we can find a better way to do things.  When things don't work exactly like planned, the way you handle it can make a world of difference.  Although I am a set goals type of girl, I'm also very much a go with the flow type too.  Things happen, its not the end of the world.  Breathe, smile and make the most of it.  If you need to then make plans B, C & D if plan A fails.

Give what you can, but don't give your all.
I know that I love giving 110% in everything I do, but lately I've found that giving that much to something means I'm not giving much at all to anything else.  When I want to focus my attention on something I have found that neglecting other things can make the situation more stressful.  Big jobs, deadlines, orders.. etc. they all need to be done, but so does taking a shower, walking the dog, housework and so much more.  I would never give myself to only 10% of each thing, that would make me scatter brained and things would come out half ass.  But giving myself to just one thing means I have a huge pile of other things right behind it.  The best thing I have done for myself is to take breaks to refocus and allow me time that means I will do things the right way, instead of doing things with a fogged up mind.  I didn't schedule blog posts when we moved (as you obviously know) and I feel horrible because I have advertisers counting on me to work for them.  I lowered my prices knowing the move was coming and I hooked them up with extra time on their ads to show them that I'm still here.  However, if I gave all of myself to worry about this situation- I wouldn't have been able to focus on our move and things in my own life.  I found time to write them quick notes and was able to give what I could to my business and personal life without neglecting either.

Be open to the new.
Everything around me feels so new and exciting right now and I know that will pass, but the spark of inspiration is something I hope won't burn out anytime soon.  For myself I need visuals to be stimulated enough to do something.  Browsing a vintage store, going for a walk, flipping through a magazine or even popping over to Pinterest are all ways that visually take care of me.  If we do the same things every day we are putting ourselves in the direct path of finding a rut to fall in.  Don't find the rut (if you do its okay), but try to avoid it!  Try something new, anything.  Go to tea with a friend instead of happy hour, leisurely browse a shop with ample time to soak it all in instead of popping in just for a quick purchase, visit the library or a near by coffee shop to get online instead of sitting in your house.  Whatever it is try something new and be ready to be inspired.  If you can't control change, then make changes where you can.

Managing or making changes while taking breaks from busy have been a huge part in keeping myself calm and allowing me to enjoy every moment of it.

I'd love to know- How do you manage change or being busy?


  1. Oh I totally crack under pressure! No internet for 4 days! eeek!
    I try to make lists and plan for the unexpected but at the end of the day I just have just roll with whatever it is, however it is. From what you outlined it sounds like you handled everything in stride and with style and grace. I can only hope that when/if we move it goes as smoothly for me. (but most likely I'll probably be tearing my hair out trying to find my favorite tee or the baby's bedtime stories)

  2. Lately I've been so busy but also struggling with health issues which has forced me to slow down. I try to only plan one social event per week as I know I will be poorly if I do too much. I don't fret over having to change or cancel things and I wont beat myself up for missing a self imposed goal. If something takes a little longer than I'd hoped, then I have to accept that.

    My business or blog goals/deadlines are a bit less moveable but I try hard to be ahead of myself so I have time to catch up if things get busy or I am unwell.

    I guess it is different for everyone, but I find that if you are honest about what you can achieve (both with yourself and others) then life wont be too stressful.


  3. I agree. Moving can be so overwhelming with having to unpack and find a place for everything. Take time for yourself to relax in the little everyday things and continue to take one step at a time!

  4. i think it's good to take little breaks for refreshment & I hope that you are enjoying this little bit of time to refresh & enjoy the change! <3

  5. It is one of the most stressful things anyone can do... I think it's about taking one step at a time, making a list and prioritizing. In having the list, you're able to stay on track - but don't make list making become too important - that can be a great distractor/procrastinator LOL!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde