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Well the weekend is officially here.  I tend to browse online every day, but some of you only do it on the weekends (you have so much strong will!).  Last night I got a little personal over here and it felt so good to share.  Today I'm feeling refreshed, inspired and encouraged. So here are some of my favorites as of late and I'm not sure why, but my top picks all had to do with numbers.  Don't skip over the last part of the post, I want you to share what you have been doing too!

52 weeks of lists.. its never too late to start via Moorea Seal.

3 simple steps that will change the way you blog via Blog Milk

3 things: adapt, quit or evolve via A Beautiful Mess

a cute valentines round up for him & her <3
this funny card for the anti-valentines day'ers
how easy it is to create design elements in your own blog

dark chocolate (dairy free) cupcakes!
time to read more books, here are some blogging & business favorites
a plan to sign up for the Business of Blogging ecourse, it starts soon!

organize your blog with this FREE blog planner by pdxbloggers
get a soft wave in your (dirty) hair =) with this tutorial
enter this Firmoo giveaway, because who doesn't need cute glasses?

Check out JustLove.ly elsewhere:
- The Tennesse Tulip headband featured on Bonnie from Flashes of Style for Seventeen Magazine
- Happy to be included in this guide for Elle Magazine (spain edition!) image 20/25
- Catch my deal on Brickyard Buffalo starting Monday, this is my 2nd time working with them and I couldn't be happier!
- Andrea rockin' the Golden Wrap for #altsummit

5 Favorite blogs of the week:
The Fresh Exchange
Good Day Howard
Sillygrrl (dude shes a circus performer!)
Paper Fabric Glue
Daily Worth

I would love to see what you have going in too, please share a recent post below so we can all check it out! Happy Weekend xo


  1. I'm doing the 52 weeks of lists too! This week on my blog, I shared a map + corkboard DIY: http://www.begoodnatured.com/2013/02/diy-corkboard-map-shop-sales-map.html

    1. I love the lists, I have a blog binder that I use to plan things and its mapped out by weeks so popping these in there is perfect. I can't wait to look through them all at the end of the year. I love your diy- we have some maps that I have been saving for this same sort of project, I didn't think to use cork so that will save the walls! Thanks so much for sharing friend xo

  2. I'm loving this weekend links! I especially loved the Adapt, Quit or Evolve post on A Beautiful Mess. This week I took a trip to Bondi Beach to enjoy the last bit of Summer before Fall starts. Take a look here: http://praxsmiles.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/bondi-beach.html

    1. I loved that post so much when I found it a few weeks ago and kept it in my bookmarks when I was going through things I wanted to read this weekend and found it again, I remembered why I saved it! Thanks for sharing a link, I love that its your summer and my winter xo

  3. Thank you so much for posting about my 52 lists! It's been so helpful for me so far to recognize ways in which I should be proud of myself, grateful for the good in life, and more during a heavy season for me and my family. I'm glad you dig it too :)
    xo Moorea

  4. Oh I look forward to checking out your recommendations, thanks!

    I've been working on a valentines DIY this week http://claireabellemakes.com/2013/02/06/diy-vintage-lace-and-fabric-heart-garland/

    Claire x

  5. I'm hosting a giveaway to win free ad space to promote your blog, website or online shop. :) http://www.soapdelinews.com/2013/02/soap-deli-news-blog-advertising-giveaway.html

  6. I'm enjoying the 52 Lists project too, I'm so glad Moorea started it. Thanks for sharing all these great links, gonna check them out now (especially all of the blog/business related ones). :)

  7. The 52 lists is such a good idea! I also recently saw someone else who planned their blog out and thought it was a great idea. I'm going to start doing it myself as well.

    This week I am working on Committing to getting back in shape! We just booked a flight to go visit relatives in the south at the end of next month and I'm going to make a concentrated effort to get rid of some of the relationship weight I've put on. Seems like it took 1 year to put it all on and 2 years to take it off :)


  8. Thanks for sharing all these great links. I just opened about 5 new tabs after reading this post!
    Here's my weekly round-up at my blog: http://somehowchaotic.blogspot.com/2013/02/weekly-round-up-6.html

  9. Thanks for the love, love! And what a great list to be a part of! Happy weekend to you!

  10. I had the best 21st birthday surprise thanks to my friends!


  11. Great list!

    just love // kelly


  12. I made the cutest heart dress this week...I think you'd love it!


  13. Awesome lists and links! I'm going to do my homework now and read. I'm smitten with your blog! So pretty.

  14. I'm doing a couple year series as I look at each Psalm in the Bible. I just wrote my Psalm 13 one yesterday. http://www.nadinewouldsay.com/2013/02/a-walk-through-psalm-13.html xoxo