treasure finds: sugar rush

Todays treasure finds are a little off from what I've been trying to do, but only because it was a treasure find for me!  I have built an incredible relationship with Seventeen magazine and their accessories department that I'm so very proud of and each time an item I created in my little studio is featured, its still like the first time.  

I knew they used the Tennessee Tulip for a spread, but tonight I was surprised when I found it on Bonnie from Flashes of Style!  She is an adorable fashion blogger who rocks floral crowns like they grow from her head, obviously thats my type of girl!
flashes_of_style_headband flashes_of_style_headbands

Seeing bloggers making more of a presence in magazines, showing off real girl style, makes me so incredibly happy.  Collaborating on projects like these are the best and seeing that this is a part of my job makes me realize how going after my dreams- really was worth it.

So here's to the real girls, doing big things and being proud of it!


  1. Thanks for sharing this treasure.

  2. so awesome heather! and I agree - I love that magazines are including more and more bloggers.

    1. Its great, they see the power of real people doing things versus hired models/actors and I think its really encouraging for their audience!

  3. love this feature, and how much influence bloggers are having!

    come say hello MOCCASIN RUN

  4. Heeey :D
    These shoes are sooo cuuute!!! And the macaroons seem so yummy I want to eat them!!!
    And oooh the poor nailpolish :)
    XOXO Haily & Abby ♥