i heart brickyard buffalo

This week I had a great opportunity to be a pick on the Brickyard Buffalo with guest editor Casey Wiegand.  My twinkle twinkle little headband is offered up at 40% off to customers along with other deals from some amazing artisans.  If you aren't familiar with BB they are a pop-up shop that showcases some unique finds from independent companies & handmade shops.  

If you have ever thought about doing a group sale like what they offer, but are a little hesitant, please dont be!  The ladies of BB are like your new best friends, every time you get a sale you know they want to pass out high fives or give you a giant italian family style kiss.  Its nothing but love over there and between the encouraging emails to get you started to the personal interactions during the sale, its seriously fun!  Don't be afraid to just shoot them an email to see how it all works or leave a comment if you have a questions & I can try to help.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps8e4ef224.jpg

If don't have a shop, don't worry this is still for you!  However, you should be warned to give yourself a spending limit because you will probably want one of everything.  They add new stuff on the daily and a deal runs for a few days- make sure to follow them on instagram and facebook to keep up!

Our sale ends in 2 days so don't miss the deals and don't forget that you are supporting small business, indie, handmade & women!  Isn't that reason enough?


  1. Your star headband looked so amazing on Casey's (and Brickyard's!) site! I haven't shopped there yet, but I may need to now:)

  2. I'm smitten! Thanks for sharing Brickyard Buffalo.

  3. Hi! New follower! Love your red glasses!

  4. I have been considering contacting them...do you feel like the pricing is fair? I did a groopdealz thing last year and they kept trying to force me to go lower and lower on my price point. I knew if I did I wouldn't make my profit that I need to make and when I said no, they stopped being so friendly :).

    1. Oh gosh so fair! They are super nice, they don't actually price things at all- thats in your hands! Obviously a generous discount will get you more sales, but you choose the discount and the shipping price & they only take a very small fee off just the sale price (they dont touch your shipping). There is no pressure and they are completely accommodating, I've changed things last minute or had a million questions and I got help every step of the way! It wouldn't hurt to just chat with them a bit so you feel completely comfortable and clear on stuff before submitting a deal.

  5. this is so cute, I'll deff check it out!