vintage christmas posters

I feel like the holidays just rush by so fast, it sort of makes me sad.  I think the fact that the days are counted down with advent calenders and constant reminders are no help.  I want to enjoy each day this season and knowing we are less then two weeks until Christmas day actually makes me sad.  Maybe I'm never fully prepared for the holidays so the rush seems very overwhelming to me.

Over the next week or so I will be sharing some fun tutorials, favorite things, printables and even just pretty pictures.  Its my way of enjoying the season.  Also eating fudge helps.

These vintage inspired Christmas prints by artist Paulo Viveiros are on my current love list!

Does this season pass you by too, or do you prepare and enjoy every minute?


  1. These are so cool - the snow man is my favorite!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. I agree with you, this month does seem to fly by every year. I do try to make the most of it though, and enjoy every minute. Thanks for sharing some of your favorite things :) Happy Friday!

  3. Love these! I agree, this season rushes by so fast and I am so busy (which is a great thing to be!) and I feel like I had no time to enjoy it this year....

  4. Love these posters!! Thanks for sharing them! Happy Holidays!! xo Holly

  5. It would be fantastic to frame these and use them for Christmas decor.

  6. I love these and all things old! Thanking Yours Truly for sending me here to you!

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  8. lovely prints .. i love the frosty one :-) sent me here!

    ghalim at yahoo dot com