weekend links / 08

This was officially my last weekend as a 31yr old.  I'm not too worried about turning the actual three-two, except for the fact that it means I'm now 8yrs away from 4-0.  Uh What?

As my birthday approaches on Tuesday and it will be the 2nd year my husband has to miss my birthday (he leaves for work in Peru at 4am & last year was in Australia) he decided to bring me to an hotel close to the airport to just get away.  So here I sit, watching Revenge, as he makes sure he didn't forget anything in the 90+lbs of luggage he is taking along- while I share weekend links.

People this is excitement.  This is what almost 32yr olds do.  Boring = Happiness

: small fry blog : aka another excuse for me to need kids

: diy calendar : not completely diy- you just fill it out.

- simple & cute tea towels for the home
- any pie n' the sky project
- pretty sleep eye masks

- amazingly beautiful photography
- how cute this shop is!
- some navy color inspiration
- all the pretties at milk & honey

- take lovely culinary photos
- find your place (tips for new bloggers)
- become a fan of rebecca
- go to a #pfmixer sometime!

& my favorite blogs of the week..

Hope you had a great weekend, xo


  1. Happy early birthday! It's funny how much time gets faster as you get older.

  2. Some great links. Happy birthday and thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy birthday and thanks for the fave of my website!!! :) Totally a fan of yours too and have been a reader for some time!!!

  4. katie marcus18 November, 2012

    Added a few of these to my bookmarks, thanks!