weekend links / 06

Its moving week!  We sold gobs of stuff this weekend at our yard sale, everything left over will be donated.  None of my shops are closing so a quick studio move will take place mid-week *wish me luck*.  Having just 3 days left here, in our last place in this town- it makes me happy, weird, sad, excited, scared.. all at once.  We won't be moving out of the area until Spring, but I can't wait!

I'm a creature of change and when I don't have it I go a little crazy.  So this change, its good.  Its funny how making plans for us is a little hard.  Brandon was supposed to leave Nov 6th for Australia and I would follow along in December for 3 weeks.  Well, last week they changed his schedule around and now he is headed to Peru!... To say the least I probably won't be going to the scary jungle to visit him any time soon, but now he will be on a shorter shift of 2wks work 2wks home all winter.

So thats what is new over here, whats up with you? Here are some new favorite finds to share with you..

:making your own stamps:

:enjoying a pumpkin steamer:


and other things for you to:

- adorable mini copper planters
- an easy graphic print
- anything from Chelseas blog- she knows her diys!

- my favorite blog of the week 
- how handmade consulting can help your brand
- kate byrnes creative portfolio 

- listen to still corners
- eat mangos & beans 

Hope you had a great weekend- Canadian friends enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow and my fellow Americans Happy Columbus Day!


  1. Ugh pumpkin anything sounds good right about now <3
    xo Heather

  2. Wow that cup of pumpkin looks so good :D

  3. I love when you do weekendlinks! You have the best taste in stuff and find things online I never knew existed.

    *tricia stuber

  4. Thanks so much for sharing my stamp tutorial, Heather. I'm so glad to have found your blog! And I have to say, you just might love Peru. :D I don't know about the jungle-y portions, but I had a blast when I visited a few years back.

    - Lindsay