hey whats going on

If you follow along on instagram then you usually know what I'm up to since I share mostly everything over there.  I seriously adore IG.  I haven't had a personal facebook for over a year and I feel like its a great replacement to keep up with friends while not having to see dramatic-weird-over.the.top status updates.  You know what I mean?  IG is just pretty pictures and unless you go visit the darkside of it (like the popular feeds and the crazy commenters) then its actually a really positive place. These are the things I've been up to lately.

Saying goodbye to the last house we will have in Southern Oregon
Saying Hello again to my old favorite car
Getting adjusted to a simple life via the airstream

Getting back to doing the daily order process- yes those are all postage labels!
...but taking a break to enjoy the simple things
And constantly being amazed over the growth of LoveClub

Waking up to farm life
Date nights...
before taking the husband to work when he is supposed to be off.

Official fall mornings
Country Sunsets
and picking back up on favorite hobbies

Being present in the season
organizing studio life
and cherishing farm treasures.

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What have you been up to?


  1. I love IG too, I don't go on my personal facebook so much anymore. And lets face it the pictures have always been the best part! Love your pictures by the way.

    1. Seriously just pictures and no drama, can't get better then that!

  2. oh yes, I love IG sooo much more than FB! I always enjoy keeping up with your pictures, friend. :)

  3. I have the windows phone so I don't get to use instagram :(

  4. I want to know more about your Airstream! Do you live in it? I have an Airstream too!!

    1. We do! My parents have a 1961 airstream that we are living in from Oct-Mar before we move to a new city!

  5. I agree- I find myself drawn more to Instagram over Facebook. Much less drama...much more pretty pictures! :)

  6. I agree I LOVE IG...obsessed! I follow you!! @newlife48

  7. completely IG obsessed :)
    now following you...how was I not before!?! gave my head a shake :)

    I love love love the idea of your simplified life in the airstream. Feeling the need for an adventure in my life. love the example you set.

    1. Its an adjustment I wont lie, but being free of things right now is something we really needed. I love change and fresh starts so I can't wait to see where it takes us!