weekend links / 05

What.? Was September by far the quickest month to pass this year? Im still waiting for that fall feeling to hit Southern Oregon, you know crunchy leaves, hot drinks, seeing your breath when you go for late night strolls.  I can't wait.

What I've been up to lately:

- The shop reopened! finally.
- Fawn & Flora sent off our Smash Ball sponsorship goodies
- This will be my last week in my studio before the big (small??) move
- Contributed a little fall diy guest post for Maggie

And little bits of life sprinkled in:

- My husband will be home for the entire month of october, this is the first time he has been home longer then 2 1/2 weeks since before last summer!
- I'm heading to Sydney, Australia for Xmas & New Years!! Well if I can get on the plane.
- I've been battling the thoughts of how I love doing something so much (all the businesses I have) and how hard it is to please everyone.  Its sad how other people have so much control that they can ruin what you love.  For you passionate shop owners & artists, do you get this too??

I'm hitting you up with some amazing links for your eyes to get all kinds of gitty over.

:: a love letter to a beautiful apartment ::

:: anything made by hank ::

:: this handcrafted wedding :: ps love me some oregonians!

and other goods to-

-some time to start reading this series by Sew Caroline if you are a shop owner
- yourself an easy photo mat!
- your blog look better with a few simple upgrades!
- some crockpot apple butter goodness.

- how many giggles you get after visiting Julie Ann's shop
- how fast you fall in love with these fall trends.. i need the floral pants!
- all the pretty details that Liz has around her home.
- if you can stop yourself from buying one of everything in Ana's shop.

- enter this giveaway, because how cute is that necklace?
- check out these simple blog designs if you need something new!
- yourself a favor & if you are a blogger that sells ads- use passionfruit!!
- go get this printable if you blog and have a sense of humor.


  1. I need to make my blog look better - definitely checking out that link! Thanks for sharing my apple butter recipe and good luck with the move...cannot wait to see what you do with your new small space :).

  2. Lovely links. Thanks for the shout out ;)

  3. Heather, get yourself on that plane. I went to Sydney in May, and seriously, you'll love it.

    It's going to be their summer, so enjoy the nice weather. The beaches are gorgeous. Manley is a great one to go to, with tons of nice shops on the way from the ferry to the beach.

    You'll definitely want to make your way to The Rocks (which is a little area in Sydney) where they have a market on Saturday and Sunday. Tons of vendors selling handmade items, yummy food vendors too.

    You can check out all of my Sydney posts there. Once you get past the fact that the plane ride is so insanely long, it's not that bad. I'm betting that being there for New Years would be incredible!

  4. I just find the links you shared with us so useful for me and I am now following all these regularly now....other than that I love the photo of your work desk...keep it up!!!

  5. So many things to check out! Loved that pumpking tutorial you have over at Gussy's too!


  6. Australia?! So jealous!

    Completely feel you on the small business, not-being-able to please everyone thing. You know where to reach me if you wanna talk! =]

  7. Cool. Your blog looks great, and I'm glad i've found something here worth adding to my favorites.