open shop & pick a winner

After unintentionally taking the summer off from Just.Lovely.Things, but completely enjoying it.. I'm back.  The shop opened up at 7pm last night with a beautiful new design that matches the vision for all this new branding I've had rolling around in my head.  Of course none of the vision is possible without the help of my amazing friend Dana.  If you are in need of design work she does custom stuff, but also has this adorable design shop envye that has great pre-made goodies.  I'm so lucky to have her in my life, you know we co-own Fawn & Flora together so I get to rack this girls brain on the daily.  Its beautiful!

The vision for my new branding was a mix of stuff: Gold, bits of floral, hints of black & white stripes, chalkboard and doodles.  I would say we got there.  Yesterday I had a couple of girlfriends come over and I took the product photos to get everything just the way I imagined.  I love how the little twinkle lights pop with the gold on the home page!

For the shop inventory, I put in a few old favorites plus some new fall pretties and I introduced the Gold Label.  These are a little more exclusive as only a couple are available.  They are very unique to my usual styling and a maybe more on the dramatic side.  I did get a couple of questions asking if I would be putting up my old stuff (the things I used to make that completely blew my business up) and at first I wasn't sure.  I want to evolve as an artist and since I see copy cats constantly & have had about 20+ of my own customers open shops and sell identical items after buying from me its hard to go back to that style and not be in the same crowd, you know? ... but in short, I realized that my clientele is loyal and no matter how much I get discouraged they encourage me that my designs and my service is what they want- I can't ignore that.  So revamped versions of my old designs will hit the shop along with some baby items later this week and my plan is to do new shop updates way more often!

...and before I forget

To everyone that entered the 5k facebook fan giveaway- thank you so much for the sweet comments, sharing it with your friends on fb & twitter.. with almost 2000 entries: the winner of the $50 shop credit is Amy Lynn Hunt!!  You will be contacted by email and have 48 hours to claim your prize. 

So friends, what do you think of the new shop and what types of things do you want to see in there?

I will be adding the older designs, simple stuff like bobbi's and braids and of course can't forget baby!  Thank you for your continued support over the years, it really is what makes me love what I do even more. xo


  1. All of it is so pretty!!! I love bows! So I hope to see endless amount of bows!! :) Great job!!

  2. I am in LOVE with the plaid bows. Starting to save my pennies now, unless they happen to pop up in a love club box.

  3. I LOVE IT!!! I do love your old stuff, but its so fun to see these new creations of yours. and- you are totally right about copy cats =( I had never seen them until after you popped up and then all of sudden everyone was making them copying you. I see stuff on pinterest that is your photo and a comment like 'im making this, or i made this lastnight' makes me sad! But heather you have to know you are the original and we all love you so much we can tell the difference. Thanks for all your hard work you motivate me in so many ways and I seriously credit you as a driving force behind my own business! Love ya girl

  4. Great shop, I love everything in the shop, keep up the hard work!



  5. I know I already said this - but the gold label is so gorgeous! I really love dramatic, over the top headpieces. I never wear them, but they are my favorite pieces to design, create, and style.

    And, I totally know what you mean about evolving as an artist....but trying to stay true to your style. It can be challenging, but so fun to explore and grow!

  6. Wow! I am kind of obsessed with all of your new pieces...I might have to buy a few of them...expect an order soon!!

  7. I LOVE everything you are making currently. But I would also love to see some of your bows and flowers on a smaller size... I can wear "conservative" headbands at work, but I'm pretty sure the large ones wouldn't pass as acceptable :( I also really miss your old stuff! It completely sucks about all of the copycats out there, but I bet yours are a higher quality-- not to mention your impeccable taste for picking our fabrics/colors/etc! No one can match that! Keep up the amazing work-- it's inspiring!

  8. I love the shop design, super cute! I love your bows :D I'm not quite sure what you could add to make it better.. haha :D

  9. SO excited to have you back :)