an instagram roadtrip

A few weeks ago my husband was working in Boise Idaho and asked me to drive out and visit him.  He works for a company that keeps him away from home lots.  Its actually very rare for me to go visit him because they move around so much when on tours.  With not much notice and my shop scheduled to re-open I decided to take a leap and scratch all my plans to road trip it to him for Labor Day Weekend.

Our little Southern Oregon town is about 10hrs from where he was and with gas prices up that weekend and since I drive a Land Rover I decided to grab a rental car and head out that Friday... if you have ever passed through towns in eastern Oregon then you will be comforted by the amusing photos below (Dana actually asked me if I was road tripping through a trailer park- shes a silly Canadian so its ok).

Do you want the hamburger fried chicken, milkshake onion rings or propane ice cream?

..although tempting I opted to not stay here.

Artistic taxidermy.... better then the regular kind?

The cutest movie theater there ever was.

These people were liars.  You don't realize you need tacos, until you can't have them.

We are so spoiled in Oregon since we don't have to pump our own gas! .. and since I get questions about this every time I mention it- its illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon, instead they provide jobs within the state to station attendants! However, our gas prices are usually a tad higher.

Downtown Boise Farmers Market (thanks to some face book recommendations for this!)

The 3 photos above are all from a paper shop downtown called Paisley Roberts
those paper things in the middle are just paper lanterns with triangle cut paper pieces glued on by the employees who wanted to re-vamp the decor in there.. yes I asked!

Somehow I will always find a craft supply shop.. the heavens were happy. Obviously.

My husbands machine (the big orange thing above) was up at a place called Lucky Peak Reservoir working a fire that was about 40 miles away.  I came out to visit for a bit to see them land and take off!  

Hotel Life.

The morning we left Boise to head back home was so beautiful, perfect day for a drive.

... a drive that lead me to get a warning for speeding.. oops!

Back in Oregon- where you can see something pretty and something stupid at the same time =)

After our long drive and not wanting fast food we hit up Applebees and since Arthur didn't come along for the trip this is what he did to Brandon after not seeing him for 2wks!

So that was my fun, fast and totally worth the relaxation road trip.. stay tuned for tomorrow when I share some big changes in our life that we decided to make while on this road trip! xo

*all photos via instagram - follow me @thingslovely


  1. laura fisher21 September, 2012

    This looks so fun! I'm here on the East Coast and we have a trip planned in the Spring to Visit Idaho, Washinton and Oregon I can't wait =)

  2. love these! just found you from a friend who entered your giveaway and i'm really excited to start following

  3. These photos make me nostalgic for Boise. We moved from there 5 1/2 years ago.

  4. I want a hamburger and a milkshake and onion rings now. Thanks. :).

  5. Very cool photos,
    I would leave tomorrow for Idaho if I could.