weekend links / 03

This last week was relatively mellow around these parts.  Except it was hot.  It was disgustingly under-boob sweat kind of hot. Truth.  I tried to stay cool indoors, but I was sore from falling down my stairs (only 4/5 of them, but still).  If you follow me on instagram -@thingslovely- then you know I shared that when something like that happens to you some of your thoughts are:  Am I wearing clean underwear? and Who will find me tomorrow? I cried for almost an hour over those thoughts, possibly a cracked rib and the fact that I thought I lost my front teeth. I'm ok, just clumsy.  On a much more cheerful note- check out these weekend links.

One of my favorite friends Maggie is packing up her husband, pup & of course her business and heading out to the West Coast.  I'm so excited she will only be one state away from me now and I'm equally excited about this new journey for them.  The marriage they have is great, in that they each support each others dreams and passions.. its incredibly sweet and I can't wait to see how it all goes!  She is having some awesome sales in her shop to help fund the move, so if you get a chance go check it out! 

Jenna added some new bracelets to her shop.. I'm totally in love with The Courtney.. 

The Finders Keepers are design and art markets dedicated in supporting emerging designers, artists & musicians and bringing new contemporary design to the forefront in Australia. Please take me there.

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- Dana's beautiful $5 engagement photos
- Drews monthly paper kits!
- Nitty Gritty knowledge for online entrepreneurs 
- Make your own coconut coffee beauty scrub
- This bag!
- AnnMarie Loves Paper, I love her stamps
- An online my little pony  creator ?? yes! 
- Love Love Love this print.
- How to make pastel hair color.

-And two blogs I'm totally loving this week here & here.


  1. I love the cortney bracelet!


  2. i luv the new look! (sorry if i'm a bit behind but i've been playing hooky on blogs and posts since last thursday). glad u are better and omw! underboob sweaty - i spewed tea - i so understand!

    1. haha its ok the new design debuted friday =) umm seriously UBS (as i'm named it) is the worst! ;p

  3. oh gosh, Gussy is moving? i feel a little embarrassed it made your list, but super excited all at the same time. WE ARE MOVING!!!!! yeow ;D

    1. duh friend i had to share the news and pimp out your shop =) xo

  4. Heather, thanks a million for the link to my 'not all who wander are lost' poster!! I owe you ; ) Thanks again luv! -Andrea www.paper-sparrow.com

    1. Your art is amazing!!! I will be getting that piece soon, promise. xo

  5. Oh my goodness every time I'm here I love this design more! It is SICK! And, thank you for linking up my coffee scrub! xox

    1. aww thanks friend! um the scrub- its on my weekend projects to do list!