end of summer sponsor special

End of summer is fast approaching and so many amazing things are in the works around here!  The shop will be re-opening, there are some tv & magazine features coming up, LoveClub is growing and I've started working with some big brands that I can't wait to share with you.  That on top of the regular content here and a few new blog partnerships means more traffic all around.  A few of the current sidebar sponsors have ads that are ending soon, which means new ad space is up for grabs.  If you have been thinking about advertising with JustLove.ly and think we are a great fit for each other, head over here to purchase an ad and use the code above to save 25% off any size!  so


  1. Yay! I'm broke so this helps. Just purchased :)

    1. thanks so much love, can't wait to work with you! xo

  2. awesome, just purchased! Can't wait to work together!