let's hear it for the boys

Lately the guys have been killin it out there with some amazing tools, blogs & shops like:  Jason, Tony and Russell.  Today I'm going to introduce you to Drew of Scrappy Happiness, we decided we would be new BFFs even though he is in highschool and I'm over 30. Ha.  

First you should know that he has a blog, a HUGE youtube following and a shop that has had over 10,000 sales in less then a year (i'm sure you have ordered from him if you needed supplies!)
 I'm so excited to have him here with us today!

Hey Hey! My name is Drew Scott (short for Andrew) and I blog at 
Scrappyhappiness.com! I am currently a 16 year old//senior in highschool//male from Tehachapi California. I blog about all topics from Scrapbooking to Fashion and all the in-betweens and LOVE it! I am currently a student getting ready to attend FIDM (Fashion design school) in about a year but until then i'll be blogging!  I am really envolved in the scrapbook community and design for one of the most known brands, Prima. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn't change anything at all {except my organizational skills!}

how did you start your blog & where do you see it going?
I started my blog after i started making youtube videos. Most of the people i followed on youtube had blogs and i thought i needed one also and so i created one. At the time i didn't see it going anywhere. I was so excited to get one comment on one of my 20 posts. After i started getting more and more youtube followers which also followed me on my blog is when i realized it had potential.

what is your favorite part about living a creative life?
My favorite part about living a creative life is to look around and know what to do with the stuff around you. Wether this be with craft supplies or home decor pieces. All creative people seem to come up with an idea for pretty much everything.

you are young, how do some of your friends your age respond to what you are doing?

Not many people know what i do but i I've in a small town where everyone does there own thing so nobody pays attention to what i do accept my main friends.

10,000+ sales in a shop that is less then a year old.. please explain this & how do you manage your time?
I NEVER EVER expected 10,000 sales in my shop in less than a year. I didn't even know this was possible! It just kind of happened and i think it is because the amount of items i have listed for people to search. I manage my time so badly! I stay awake until 4 in the morning filling order, blogging and doing my homework! I really love it.

 where do you see yourself in the next year or even 5 years?

I am mainly into scrapbooking when it comes to crafting. I also LOVE blog design and graphic design as well as fashion design. I am actually going to school in less than a year at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in LA. I think my main quality is pattern when it comes to creativity.

tell us a little about your family life- do they support this, do they help?
My mom helps me a TON with filling my orders and keeping my business schedule in tact! She does most of the reordering which helps me out so much. My family definitely supports my hobby which is so lovely!

what types of things inspire you?

Im inspired by fashion. If i see a floral print jumper i immediately want to go out and buy some floral print fabric and make something with it. Fashion incorporates both color and pattern which is what inspires me the most. I am also HUGELY inspired by blogs. I love reading everyones fashion/DIY/recipes blogs and so on and i feel we are all connected in a way.

ok so its obvious you are a guy, but you are in a category of mostly girl bloggers.. do you find that challenging, fun, unknown?
I find blogging about girl(ish) topics when you are male is absolutely amazing. I am a super crafty person and i love to share my projects and fashion and my daily life with the world. I think if a girl can do it, why can't a guy?

So can you see why I made him an instant BFF? You should go check him out and say hi!


  1. That is absolutely amazing!
    I wish I even knew about blogging when I was in high school, but I didn't have a computer so...

    But, you are quite amazing doing amazing things and you can't be too in the red with managing your time if you can get up at 4am!

    Keep it up and be great doing what you love :)

  2. Absolutely fabulous ha I love this! Good inspiration and motivation to be more awesome.

  3. I wish I knew a Drew in real life. My daily existence would be so much more fun. :) Thanks for the intro to this obviously stellar individual - anyone who loves washi tape is okay in my books!

  4. Awesome! It's great to see some guys doing this, and he's super talented! Yay for a new blog to follow.