weekend links / 02

This week consisted of a mid-week holiday, husband going back to work (he's on his 2wks out 10days home schedule right now), prepping for Love Club boxes to go out next weekend.. and I wont lie.. a bit of lounging around whenever I can because its been getting pretty darn hot here.  Here are a few things I'm loving and if you want to love them too then high five!

Colleen Pugh is the founder and sole worker for Dear Colleen. She is a hand letterer, illustrator and most of all a wit.  Dear Colleen was started with no real plans of it becoming a business, it was just a creative outlet for ideas and designs that would otherwise be nothing more than sketch book fillers. No one was more surprised than Colleen when her quirky word play posters caught the imagination or the blogosphere and her work started popping up everywhere.  Dear Colleen is idea centric and not limited to any one kind of product or outlet. Colleen is equally at home creating one of a kind art pieces as she is designing off beat homeware. Her brand is easily recognized for it’s imperfect yet designer feel but mostly for it’s clever word play.

I'm loving this post by Julianna thats shares some inspiration in rediscovering your creativity.

Dana's Get into Summer series is making my heart skip a beat everytime I read her posts. I loved this bicycle baskets post especially since I scored a $20 cruiser that I'm going to be making over this month!! 


- The Natural Home (reviewed by decor8) needs to be on my shelf.
- Speaking of reads.. how about joining a book club, where you can review & link up?
- Milk & Honey launched.  They are doing good things.
- This video was a trip.  Great concept, dude made some bad decisions though yeah?
- If that got you down this video should cheer you up.
- I shall be making one of these for the studio asap!
- In need of some business tips for your handmade shop? Kenye has you covered.
- Orange crush indeed.

- And 2 favorite blogs of the week here and here.



  1. yay! thanks for mentioning my series! i have some more awesome posts coming ;)
    xo dana

  2. aw, yay! i love dana, she is so adorable! and thank you for giving me more fun blogs to read! ;)
    xo TJ