photodump instagram style

since carrying around a canon 5d (plus battery pack add-on) isn't as easy as my phone, my instagram account gets lots o' love. follow along @thingslovely

yard sale finds, being the first customer in goodwill (nerd alert),
a little gardening and becoming free of acrylic nails

love club products arriving, driving to the airport to take mr.smith to work a week early,
junking therapy and arthur being his amazing self

my husbands view from the colorado fires, the inappropriate garden squash 
(it finally went down!)
my new favorite fabric and prepping lots of boxes for shipments

a $1 yard sale find that works, filling up the boxes with goodies , 
my nanas beautiful roses and a cute print that should say'
"wakey wakey eggs and bakey.... and lots of coffee" =)


  1. The squash made me bust out laughing!

    I cannot wait until you have more slots open for 'love club'!!

  2. Love the wakey bacon sign. By the way could you please recommend a sturdy dslr bag. I just bought one and need a bag.

    1. i have a jototes bag that works perfect as a camera/purse combo!

  3. LOVE that eggs and bacon print and HOLY COW that's a lot of boxes to ship!

  4. so many lovely photos, love the little egg card!

  5. i love following your blog! i'd love to IG stalk you as well whats your IG name? ... to much too soon? LOL :)

  6. It always pains me to think that I use my Instagram account much more than the fancy schmancy camera I saved up for so long to get!
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